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AT&T iPhone

Oh No, AT&T Is Having Problems Activating New iPhones!

We've received numerous reports from readers indicating that they cannot activate their new iPhone 4S when purchased through AT&T. This has been confirmed by an AppAdvice employee as well as Apple Insider. The issue occurs when a user attempts to activate service on the iPhone specifically or through iTunes.

Bryan M. Wolfe

One Comparison: Verizon iPhone vs. AT&T iPhone

The Verizon iPhone and AT&T iPhone are basically the same; there are only minor differences. Because of that, it is difficult to say which one is better, since a lot depends on where the user lives and works, as well as what types of services are most important to them. Keeping that in mind, the folks at Ars Technica attempted to compare both handsets and determine which was better.

Bryan M. Wolfe