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Hear More With The iPhone 5

Along with expected updates to the camera and screen, Apple announced significant upgrades to the iPhone 5's audio components. The new iPhone sports three microphones, one on the back, one on the front, and one on the bottom.

Elizabeth Woodard

In an age where music can be created using devices many times smaller than instruments, it is not surprising that people want drum sequencers on their iPad to store their beats. This AppGuide has some of the best options for getting drum beats on your iPad while adding some nifty tricks as well.

Greg Sapienza

While the iPad is a great device for playing media, it has the limitation of only playing a few supported file formats. The apps in this AppGuide will allow you to play nearly any video on the iPad without converting it first.

Greg Sapienza

Accessory Advice: SRS iWOW 3D

The SRS iWOW 3D is an accessory that improves the audio coming from your iOS device that tries to provide surround sound, and tremendous depth to audio. Does it Wow? Read on to find out.

Staff Writer

Does The MicroCell Hate The iPhone?

One of the most prevalent iPhone issues is reception, and AT&T has started rolling out a new device that could solve those issues. Unfortunately, it appears that the solution has its own problems.

Scott Grizzle

The Future Of Screen Recording On Your iPhone!

So today Ustream announced there live video streaming app and we published a news article about it, but when I was playing around with the app today, I saw that ustream records what is on your phones screen not just what the camera is seeing. So it got me to thinking of ways we could use it to record our iPhones screens!

Caleb Kingston

Review: Take a Note

Take a Note removes the doldrums of time management with a visual, varied media interface, setting it apart from other iPhone organizers.

Tee Morris