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Ayopa Games

Use Stars To Fight In Light Byte

Match the blocks by tapping anywhere on the screen to shoot a star at them. Hit two or more of the same color blocks and they’ll drop from the pack. You’ll need to focus on the bottom-most ones because it’s game over the moment one hits the bottom of the screen.

Sean Capelle

Kill All The Humans In BigBot Smash

Giant robots. If you don't treat them right, they may just blow a gasket and blow up a city. For instance, breaking their sweetheart into scrap metal is a great way to get on their bad side.

Sean Capelle

Unlock Your Very Own Robot Chicken In Chicken Rescue

Chicken Rescue is a universal arcade game that has you collecting flowers, finding lost chicks and avoiding barrels to collect coins. Gather enough coins and you will be able to unlock clever chicken-based characters, like Chicken Zombie. This game is on sale for half off for a limited time.

Lory Gil