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Christmas E-Books For Children

Books used to be something that children read. Now, with iPhones and iPads, kids don’t simply read their books, they engage with them. With animation, narration, music, and activities, E-books have become a wondrous medium for many young readers. They are also a powerful tool for sharing the wonder of Christmas. This AppList spotlights some great holiday book apps with which to fill your digital shelves.

Lenny Liang
Read About More Than 30 Years Of Steve Jobs’ Life In This App

Read About More Than 30 Years Of Steve Jobs’ Life In This App

FORTUNE The Legacy of Steve Jobs is a collection of magazine articles for the iPad that were originally published between February 1983 and November 2009. It is not just a bunch of old magazine articles. It is a masterpiece of history, lovingly and artistically molded into a remembrance of the life of the world’s most beloved CEO.

Lory Gil
AppList: Apps For Book Lovers

Whether you want to read books, organize them, or stay up to date on the latest best sellers — the App Store has many options. Here are the best eReaders, databases, and ways to keep track of your busy book lives.

Jamie Young
AppList Updated: Back To School Apps

Students everywhere heading back to school are looking for apps to help them get organized and do well in school. Be prepared, get your books, take notes, study, track grades, and more. Here are some of our favorite apps to help students be successful.

Karen Freeman
New AppGuide: Book Review Apps

Looking for a good book? Need some solid reviews and advice? There is an app for that. We take a look at the very best book reviewer apps for the iPhone in this AppGuide.

Tim Chaten
New AppGuide: Book Cataloging Apps

New AppGuide: Book Cataloging Apps

With these book cataloging apps you can keep track of your growing library, track your reading habits, and keep tabs on those books that disappeared when you lent them out to a friend.

Adam Ballif