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Camping is a time to become closer to nature and family, but that doesn't mean you can't use technology along the way. The apps in this AppGuide will enhance your outdoors experience greatly, whether you are a tent camper or an RVer, providing you with useful information and tips throughout your trip. This guide has been updated to include Woodalls RV and Camping Copilot which will help you find the best campsites in the North American region.

Greg Sapienza

New AppGuide: Camping Cookbook Apps

Looking for some top notch recipes for your next camping trip? Your iPhone is here to help. The App Store has a variety of cookbook apps to help you out when you are out camping. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Tim Chaten

Campers are now in a digital age. Apps can help you plan out your trip and help you during your camping expedition. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Tim Chaten

Review: MotionX GPS HD

MotionX GPS HD is an iPad only navigation app for outdoor enthusiasts. If you like knowing where you are, or how to get there when your biking, hiking, camping, or exploring... then this application could be for you.

Paul Atkinson