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comic books

In the age of today's digital lifestyle, many people still hold on to paper comic books. However, other comic book fans have embraced the digital versions. The apps in this AppGuide will allow anyone to read digital comics on their iPhone, with all of the advantages of modern app features, including searching, downloading and sorting. These things cannot be done on the same scale with traditional comic books.

Greg Sapienza

Is 6th Planet A Comic Within A Game Or A Game Within A Comic?

The new game, 6th Planet, is a 2D science fiction flyer that in some ways is as much an original comic book series as a game. You are a monkey sent to Saturn (yes, it’s the 6th planet) to explore and learn if it will be habitable for humans in the near future. The game includes 50 levels across seven worlds, and the story is told using 188 comic strip cutscenes.

Samuel L. Lytle