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The built-in video camera app on the iPhone and iPod touch are great. There are some benefits other apps can provide. This AppGuide will focus on showcasing the best apps for capturing video on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Greg Sapienza

Photo Filter App FX Photo Studio Gets A Big Update

Do you like to apply filters and effects to your photos? If you don’t already have FX Photo Studio, you may want to check it out now. They’ve just released a major update with tons of new features. You can read our original review here to see what this app is all about.

Karen Freeman

QuickAdvice: TiltShift Free - Trendy Cool Photo Effect for Free!

If you wanted to try out the trendy TiltShift lens (as described in the AppList, Photographer’s Kit). If you were intrigued but didn’t want to shell out the $.99, you’re in luck. Now there is a lite version, so you can check it out for free. You won’t get full resolution photos; for that you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version. But otherwise, all of the functionality is the same.

Karen Freeman

Review: Qik Video Camera Pro

Want to add effects to your videos in real-time? How about uploading them to multiple different social networks to share with friends? Qik Video Camera Pro has you covered.

Robb Lewis