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Send Last Minute Holiday Greetings With Paper Snow 2

Paper Snow 2 is a holiday themed greeting card maker that lets you cut out your own snowflakes and send them to friends and family. If you never got around to sending out Christmas cards, or you want to cut down on paper waste this year, this free app will help you send out holiday wishes with a few simple steps.

Lory Gil

New AppList: Free Photography Apps You’ll Love

Some of our favorite photography apps happen to be free! Whether you want to shoot something different, or edit, enhance and share, you’re sure to find some apps to please you in this AppList. As of this writing, every one of these apps is free to download, so it won’t break the bank if you want to try them all.

Karen Freeman

QuickAdvice: TiltShift Free - Trendy Cool Photo Effect for Free!

If you wanted to try out the trendy TiltShift lens (as described in the AppList, Photographer’s Kit). If you were intrigued but didn’t want to shell out the $.99, you’re in luck. Now there is a lite version, so you can check it out for free. You won’t get full resolution photos; for that you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version. But otherwise, all of the functionality is the same.

Karen Freeman

Free iPhone Game - Glow Doodle Fall

Glow Doodle Fall is a new colourful strategy game for iPhone. It's fast, fun and challenging and not to mention highly addictive. This should appeal to fans who enjoy their strategy games with a retro feel.

Phil Wheeler