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GDC 11: A New Graphics Engine to Top Infinity Blade's Unreal Engine?

When Infinity Blade hit the iPhone, its Unreal graphics engine took center stage. It was heralded as the future of iOS gaming. This week, we met with a small-time studio who has managed to build a 3D graphics engine even more impressive than Unreal. Click through to see it in action, and find out about the two-man team behind it.

Staff Writer

Footage: Rage On iPhone 4 Will Blow Your Mind

Yesterday, at QuakeCon, the folks from id Software gave a little demo of Rage running on the iPhone 4. As you might expect, it's totally awesome. Not only do they achieve great Retina-resolution graphics, but the iPhone 4 pumps them out at 60 frames per second

Alexander Vaughn

Review: Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is may be one of the best games for the iPhone thus far. With its superb graphics, comforting tie-in to the animated classic, and addictive gameplay, this game is definitely a winner--but is it right for you?

Adam Blair