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Lechuza For iPad Hits The App Store

If you are into point-and-click adventure games like the older Alone in the Dark series for PC, check out this latest iPad offering called Lechuza. The game retains the puzzle-solving and adventure style of those 90s PC hits in an original package for the iPad. You have to use the tools and clues at your disposal to solve a mystery.

Mike Lata
New AppList: Apps To Scare You

From time to time, everyone likes a good scare. Well, you may not have to look very far. Your iPhone and iPad can be loaded up with all sorts of frightening apps. We gather up some of the best ones in this AppList.

Tim Chaten
New AppList: Scene It? Apps For iOS

New AppList: Scene It? Apps For iOS

The Scene It? series has been a hit board game/DVD combo for many years. The iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are great platforms for the Scene It? games. Here are the Scene It? apps that are currently available on your iOS device.

Karen Freeman
Review:  Hysteria Project

Review: Hysteria Project

Take control as you fight for your life from an axe wielding murderer in this "choose your own adventure" horror game. Do you have what it takes to survive? Click here to find out...

Matt Fox