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Say It Ain’t So: Mobile Flash Is Dead

Adobe today announced that it was ending its development of Mobile Flash and focusing instead on HTML5. Calling HTML5 “now universally supported on major mobile devices,” Adobe contends that HTML 5 is the “best solution for creating and deploying content across mobile platforms.”

Bryan M. Wolfe

Twitter Gets A New HTML5 Interface For iPad

Twitter is currently in the process of rolling-out a brand new, HTML5 Web interface for the iPad. As you can see in the above screenshot, the Web interface looks very much like the universal Twitter iOS app, and we've also heard that it's more touchable, too.

Joe White

Did Adobe Blink?

The Apple vs. Adobe story as it relates to Adobe Flash has been told quite often. Apple has made it clear that it will not allow Flash on its mobile devices including the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Then on Wednesday, it unveiled its new MacBook Air which also doesn’t allow Flash, at least not right out of the box. Users will need to manually install Adobe Flash onto their MacBook Air. Now, it looks like Adobe blinked. Read more...

Bryan M. Wolfe

New HTML5 Content Headed To

It looks like Apple plans to add even more HTML5 content to its website in the coming months. Less than a month after unveiling a revamped Movie Trailer site using HTML5, the company is letting its intentions be known through a job posting.

Bryan M. Wolfe

New Form Of HTML5 Cookies Now Tracking iOS Devices

It's generally well known that clearing your browser's cookie stash from time to time will keep you a bit more anonymous. Also, modern browsers have become a lot more restrictive and can deal with cookies relatively well. Yet, as browsers and users are getting smarter at preserving privacy, so are advertisers at tracking, and they're now taking advantage of unregulated HTML5 features.

Alexander Vaughn

Yahoo! Mail Joins The HTML5 Club

Yahoo! Mail has just made the switch over to HTML5, meaning iDevice users can now fully interact with the service right from their handhelds. Read on to find out more!

Joe White