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iPhone 4S sales

The iPhone 4S Sells Out In Hong Kong - In 10 Minutes

Demand for the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong is so strong, the iDevice sold out 10 minutes after Apple started taking preorders for its fifth iPhone in the Chinese city-state last Friday, according to CNNMoney. This suggests Apple should do very well in the rest of China and in Taiwan when the iPhone 4S arrives there next month.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Apple: Four Million iPhone 4S Units Sold In Three Days

Apple has just announced it has sold over four million of its new iPhone 4S, just three days after its launch on Friday, October 14. Plus, the Cupertino, California-based company has announced that 25 million current iDevice owners have already upgraded to iOS 5, five days after the latest operating system was made available to the public.

Bryan M. Wolfe