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Korean Chat Service Experiences Over A Billion Texts A Day

Some of the notable features of KakaoTalk Messenger are that it's unlimited, global, and available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry. You can send texts, pictures, and video, as well as voice notes. It distinguishes itself from an app like Apple's Messages with additional features, like the ability to change the background image and exporting your conversations to email. The app is similar to the popular WhatsApp Messenger, but it is currently free.

Lenny Liang

A slick new VoIP app lets you call your Facebook friends without using your cell phone minutes, anywhere in the world. It’s as easy to use as chat, and now, it’s free.


Review: Ember

At long last we have an app that will allow you to chat on Campfire from the IPhone! With the ability to chat on-the-go, this is easily one of the more important apps to hit the App Store if you use Campfire on a daily basis. Read the full review here...

Matt Fox