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Apple: MobileMe Customers Can Keep Their Email

Apple: MobileMe Customers Can Keep Their Email

With Apple officially closing the MobileMe service on June 30, many of our readers might be worried about losing their email accounts. In two words: don’t worry. According to a new posting on Apple’s MobileMe site, those users unable to upgrade to iCloud, can still keep their legacy emails.

AppGuide Updated: Apps to Manage Contacts

For most the contacts app included on the iPhone is good enough. However, for those who are feeling unsatisfied with Apple's offering can check out the apps in this AppGuide to get more functionality. We have also updated this AppGuide to include Tacts, which is amazingly intuitive as well as feature rich.

Greg Sapienza
Can iCloud Resurrect Your Old MobileMe Accounts?

Now, without having to pay a cent, you'll be able to re-access all your expired email, storage and calendar accounts. Even better, they actually work right now, if you have iCloud-capable software (such as a beta of iOS 5 or OS X Lion).

Apple Refunds Disgruntled MobileMe Customers

Several days ago, Apple unveiled it's highly-anticipated iCloud service at the company's WWDC keynote presentation. Alongside this announcement came another - that MobileMe would cease to be in one year's time. Fortunately for MobileMe subscribers, Apple is offering a variety of different refunds.

Joe White
Today's First Leak: MobileMe Now Free?

Here is some news that could possibility be considered the first “leak” of WWDC: It is being reported that MobileMe’s billing plans are being changed. This suggests the service is going to become free, according to Túaw.

Where's My Free MobileMe?

Where's My Free MobileMe?

Nearly two months ago, we began hearing rumors Apple’s MobileMe service would be revamped and become a free product. In fact, one promising report indicated the change would happen sometime in April. Unfortunately, with just ten days remaining in the month, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Bryan M. Wolfe