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In today's world, the newspaper is becoming increasingly irrelevant. With devices such as the iPad, it is just much easier to get up to the minute news with a tablet form factor. The apps in this AppGuide will point you in the right direction when it comes to getting the latest and most reliable news.

Greg Sapienza

Telegraph For iPad - Another News App For UK Users

UK newspaper, The Telegraph, has released a digital version of itself for the iPad - which is available now for free! If you're a fan of the newspaper, be sure to check out the app as soon as possible, before it's hit with a price tag!

Joe White

iPad: Can You Digg It, Daily?

The Daily Digg is a great iPad app that allows users to read Digg articles in a newspaper-style display! Read on to find out more about this great application...

Joe White

Make Twitter Your Daily Newspaper

People have been abandoning traditional paper news sources in favor of blogs, Twitter and RSS feeds as their sources of news and information. Visiting all those sources to find the important items can be tedious and time consuming. Now there is a great new solution for viewing them on your iPad or iPhone.

Scott Grizzle