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photo stream

Photo Stream To Add Sharing

Photo Stream will become much more useful in iOS 6, with the addition of shared photo streams. You will be able to press a "share" button to share select photos from the Photos app via iCloud.

This Thief Didn't Think To Disable Photo Stream Before Using Stolen iPhone

Back in April, Katy McCaffrey had her iPhone stolen while she was on the Disney Wonder cruise ship - she didn't see who took the handset and, thinking her iPhone was lost forever, gave up hope. Then one day, she checked on her iCloud-powered Photo Stream, and noticed something odd: the thief who stole her handset hadn't disabled Katy's pre-configured services, meaning every image he'd taken on the iPhone - twenty, so far - had been synced to Photo Stream.

Joe White

Oh The Embarrassment! How To Remove Photos From iCloud's Photo Stream

One of the advantages of Apple’s new Photo Stream is that whenever you take a photo using your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad 2, they are automatically pushed to iPhoto or Aperture via iCloud. Regrettably, this means embarrassing photos could show up on your computer for others to see. But, this doesn’t have to be! Thanks to this tip from AppAdvice reader Harold, you never have to face the prospect of others seeing photos you wish to keep personal.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Here's The Real Life Version Of That Leaked iPhone 5 Icon

Yesterday, we told you how Apple's Photo Stream beta software included an image of what appeared to be a brand new smart phone. The icon appeared to depict an iPhone handset that had a larger screen, and what appeared to be a new Home button. Now, 9to5Mac has posted a mock-up image of how that iPhone would look like in real life, if it did indeed reference an upcoming handset.

Joe White