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AppAdvice Daily: iPad Or iPad 2 - Which To Own Is The Question

Do you own the iPad, and want to know if you should upgrade? Or what if you're looking to buy an iPad for the first time, but don't know if you should go with the original or the newest kid on the block? Well, I'm here to help. I've laid out all the details so you can make that decision.

Robin Rhys

New AppList: Photo Booth Apps

The photo booth has been a classic attraction at fairs, malls, and arcades since before I can remember. We’ve come a long way from the black and white or sepia-toned strip of four pictures. Now we have apps to add effects, stickers, crazy faces, Puri, and more. Of course, there are apps that are actually throwbacks to the original photo booths as well. Here is a sampling of app store’s photo booth offerings for iPhone and iPod touch.

Karen Freeman