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What A Lame Move - Google Kills Photovine

Yesterday’s announcement that Google is shuttering its just-released Photovine service is perhaps the craziest move we’ve seen by a tech company recently. What does this tell us about Google+'s long-term survival?

Bryan M. Wolfe

Google Kills Photovine And Other Properties

Wow, that was quick. Just days after Google released the Photovine app for public use, the company has decided to kill it along with a few of its other iOS properties. This news comes from TechCrunch, which recently broke the story.

Bryan M. Wolfe

What Is Google’s Photovine?

Google looks like it will soon get into the photo-sharing business. Just days after the tech giant released its Google+ social networking service, they are poised to release another new product called Photovine, in news first reported by Gizmodo.

Bryan M. Wolfe