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Political Label Quiz Hits The App Store

If politics play a large part in your daily life, but you are unsure how strong your beliefs are compared to the views of your party of choice, check out Label Quiz. This app is free and mixes social networking features with news feeds, polls, information and trivia questions.

Mike Lata
Review: Congress+

Review: Congress+

Many times in my life, I’ve been told to support a stance on a particular issue by contacting my local representative. I’d nod and agree with that course of action and say something rah-rah in return, and then promptly do nothing of the sort, either because I had no idea who my local representative was or because I had no idea how to get in contact with them (or both). For whatever reason, looking them up in the phone book never seemed like an adequate solution to me. Now, with the power of the iPhone, I have no excuses. Why? Read on to find out.

Staff Writer