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A Russian Hacker Has Ported iOS 6's 3-D Maps To An iPhone 4 Handset

Apple's new Maps app in iOS 6 is great, but one downside of the application is that its best features require A5-enabled iDevices, meaning iPhone 4 and original iPad owners can't enjoy 3-D maps or turn-by-turn navigation. However, less than one week after iOS 6 beta 1 was released for iOS developers, one Russian hacker has successfully managed to both features to an iPhone 4 handset.

Joe White

Unconfirmed: Chrome OS Caught Running On An iPad

It seems that yet another system is joining the plethora of OS's that have been hacked to work on the iPad. Posted by Hexxeh, a popular web developer, hacker, and maintainer of Chrome OS builds, the picture above is reportedly the proof that Google's Open-Source Web-only OS Chromium can be run on the iPad.

Alexander Vaughn