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Skyfire For iPad Is Now Available For $4.99

Skyfire for iPad is now available to purchase in the App Store for $4.99. The web browser, which is already available for the iPhone, allows iOS fans to interact with Flash content on their mobile device. Read on to find out more ...

Joe White

Skyfire Is Being Optimized For iPad - Will You Wait?

The developers of the popular app; Skyfire have announced that they are working on an iPad app to allow you to watch flash content on your 9.7" screen. A recent tweet from @Skyfire has told users to consider waiting until the app is optimized for the iPad before purchasing it.

Tim Chaten

Select Flash Content Comes To The iPad With iSwifter

First came the SkyFire mobile web browser. Now, the iSwifter app has been released. It also brings Flash content to the iPad. But, it is not an "all in one" Flash solution. Rather, look at it as a baby step for future Flash/Apple iDevice integration. Read more...

Bryan M. Wolfe

Skyfire Sells Out - Will Return

A quick heads up to notify everyone that Skyfire, the flash-enabled browser that hit the App Store yesterday, is no longer available for download. Before you send Steve another hate mail about it, let me stop you right there.

Alexander Vaughn