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When Apple debuted the soft keyboard with the original iPhone, it was a huge hit. Now however, as we are near the fifth iteration of the iconic phone, that same keyboard can look a bit dated. While the apps in this AppGuide cannot actually replace the included keyboard, they do provide a nice typing environment which can be adaptable to fit many different needs.

Greg Sapienza

New AppList: Apps That Show Off The iPad 2′s Speed

The iPad 2 packs in a new dual core CPU and graphics that are nine times as fast! What apps will really showcase this new speed? We have taken the time to find the apps that really push the limits of the original iPad. This AppList will showcase the apps that will really shine on the iPad 2!

Tim Chaten

Review: 0.03 Seconds Pro - How Will You React?

The fastest human reaction time is 0.03 seconds, and this speed-based game has soared up in the charts with many 5-star ratings since its release only several days ago. How much fun does 0.03 Seconds Pro really provide? Read on to find out more.

Felix Xiao