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New AppGuide: Best Solitaire Apps

Who doesn’t love a good game of solitaire? Klondike solitaire, or Patience, is the classic card game we all grew up playing on a computer or with an actual deck of cards. It’s been a popular time-passer for many generations - so it’s only natural that it would be so successful on the iOS platform. Several of the following apps have a number of different kinds of solitaire card games in one app for you to enjoy. Some people like their solitaire very simple, while others like more bells and whistles, but every iDevice needs a good solitaire game or two. This guide will help you pick the solitaire that’s just right for you.

Karen Freeman

iPad App BreakDown: Spider: Bryce Manor HD

Crawling around as a spider has never looked so good as you now form webs on the iPad. We give you the breakdown to help you decide if Spider HD is worth picking up if you only own an iPad, or already own the iPhone version.

Staff Writer