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In iOS 5 Beta 7, Apple Removed iTunes Match Streaming

A few days ago, Apple released a new beta version of iTunes 10.5 that included support for iTunes Match. Once developers had chance to activate the feature, it became apparent that this was unlike the iTunes Match feature mentioned by Steve Jobs as the company's "one more thing" back in June, at WWDC. Namely, in iOS 5 beta 6 (with iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1), Apple fans could stream music to their iOS device using iTunes Match.

Joe White

New AppGuide: Police Scanner Radio Apps

Have you ever wondered what the police are up to? Where is that police car going? Well, police scanners have been around for some time and now there are even apps for that. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide. .

Tim Chaten

PogoPlug Update Adds Features, Fixes and Speed

The PogoPlug update for iOS fixes many bugs, improves search speed, and adds OneView, a neat feature that automatically hides any duplicate content across your array of shared drives. Couple this with video optimizations for iPhone and iPad, and you've got your very own iCloud.


HBO's universal HBO Go iOS application is now available to download in the App Store. The app is currently available to download for free, and the service itself is free to use for HBO subscribers (through "participating television providers").

Joe White

New AppGuide: Music Subscription Apps

There are some great services out there that allow you to stream music to your iPhone. Most but not all of these apps require a paid subscription. We round out the top six services/apps in this AppGuide ...

Tim Chaten

Apple May Increase iTunes Song Quality - Along With Their Price

Apple is hoping to increase the quality of digital tracks sold through the iTunes Store, and is reportedly in talks with a variety of record labels. If the parties come to an agreement, the quality of digital music files sold through the iTunes Store would increase - however, these "premium" tracks would also boast a "premium" price.

Joe White