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On Second Thought, Apple Doesn't Expand Subscription Service To Games

Less than a day after Big Fish claimed Apple had allowed them to start charging a subscription fee for their iPad games, Apple has removed the service from the App Store. Available since November 18, the now-defunct plan would have done to games what Netflix does for movies and TV shows, allow people to rent them for a monthly subscription fee, according to Bloomberg News.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Reuters: Financial Times' Web App Has Attracted More Than 700,000 Readers

Back in June, the Financial Times decided to ditch the App Store and produced a Web app, due to Apple's controversial in-app subscription policy. Now, in a report recently publish by Reuters, it is claimed that the Web app has attracted over 700,000 readers, making it more popular than the iOS application was before it was removed from the App Store.

Joe White

New AppGuide: Music Subscription Apps

There are some great services out there that allow you to stream music to your iPhone. Most but not all of these apps require a paid subscription. We round out the top six services/apps in this AppGuide ...

Tim Chaten

Steve Jobs Responds To Subscription Debacle - SaaS Off The Hook?

The debacle surrounding Apple's newly introduced subscription feature, and its revenue sharing plan is reaching an all time high this week. Yesterday, we learned Apple rejected Readability, and the interwebs are now speculating that the survival of all SaaS apps (Software as a Service, think Dropbox or Basecamp) might be at stake.

Alexander Vaughn

Is Apple Planning to Dominate The TV World?

The rumor that Apple would be taking on the cable & satellite TV market is almost as old as the rumor that Apple might release an iPod with a phone in it. As with most Apple unveilings, they are usually preceded by a huge surge in rumors and leaks. Are we seeing that surge today?

Scott Grizzle