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Sorry Mr. Bieber, Apps Now More Popular Than Music

We don't need to tell you how successful Apple's iTunes music store is. It has been around for quite a while now, and has, without a doubt revolutionized the music industry. As for the App Store, it's not doing too badly either. Yet, as mainstream as apps and the App Store might have become, you probably wouldn't think these would grow to be bigger than something like - let's say - music; which Apple is the largest retailer of. Read more...

Alexander Vaughn

All It Takes Is a Little Discipline

Disciplines can be applied to your iPhone. Let's be frank: the iPhone is dead sexy and dead snappy. It's a high tech toy that can do a lot of cool things, as seen in the commercials. But just because you got a smartphone that is smart in its attitude, this doesn't mean you can't accomplish amazing things with it.

Tee Morris