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The Beatles

TGIF Edition: Everything We Didn’t Cover

There are literally hundreds of new and updated apps joining the App Store on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to cover all of these apps, or the stories behind them, on a timely basis. Therefore, AppAdvice is now publishing this daily column, “Everything We Didn’t Cover,” offering the latest iOS news and app information. Enjoy!

Bryan M. Wolfe

The Beatles Show Its Fans Some LOVE

The band might have broken up in 1970, but The Beatles are still putting out the hits. Late last year, the band’s entire library was made available to iTunes users for the first time. Now, a new app has arrived that is every bit as remarkable as the band itself.

Bryan M. Wolfe

The Beatles Have Arrived In The iTunes Store!

Apple has just announced the availability of The Beatles' entire catalogue in the iTunes Store. Sadly, this does mean that our hopes of iTunes Cloud or wireless syncing have been squashed. Read on to find out more...

Joe White