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Todo Gets An Update - Adds iCloud Support, Makes General Improvements

The popular task management iPhone app, Todo, has received an update. Now, users of the application can take advantage of support for iCloud, meaning their pending tasks will sync between iOS devices running Todo. Furthermore, a variety of tweaks and improvements mean the $4.99 app is now better than ever before.

Joe White

Monday: Everything We Didn't Cover

There are literally hundreds of new and updated apps joining the App Store on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it isn't always possible to cover all of these apps on a timely basis. Therefore, beginning today, AppAdvice will publish daily this column, which we're calling, "Everything We Didn't Cover." Enjoy!

Bryan M. Wolfe

Nobody likes chores, and with so many things to do throughout the day, it can be quite easy to forget something and become backlogged later. Luckily the apps here will save you from that type of inconvenience, giving you the best chore management apps that the App Store has to offer.

Greg Sapienza

Getting things done can be a difficult task, especially for people who like to procrastinate a lot. The apps in this AppGuide will help you organize tasks and get them done, both quickly and efficiently. We have now added the Remember The Milk app, which based on the popular todo service that integrates with many apps you probably already use every day.

Greg Sapienza

Most people tend to live busy lives. With so much to do, it often gets difficult to remember the various housework that needs to be done in one’s home. Whether you're single, married, or have a family of five, the apps here will help you organize and get all of your chores completed in a short amount of time.

Greg Sapienza

New AppGuide: Reminder Alternative Apps

Are you in search of a good reminder app? iOS 5 will come with a built-in reminder app, but perhaps you can't wait until then. Or, you are using iOS 5's Reminders, but you want an alternative that is just as simplistic and easy to use. What is the right to do app for you? We take a look at the to do apps that compete with Reminders in this AppGuide.

Tim Chaten