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Viacom Goes After Cablevision Over iPad Streaming Rights

While Time Warner’s feud with cable networks over its streaming iPad app received more coverage, Cablevision is also being criticized by one of the same entertainment giants. According to CNet, Viacom has accused the cable operator of providing live TV streaming of its networks that it “has not granted.” Will a cease and desist letter follow?

Bryan M. Wolfe

Time Warner, Viacom Prepare For Battle Over iPad Streaming

Time Warner has asked a court to determine whether it has the right to stream channels it carries using its month-old TWCable TV iPad app. In kind, Viacom has filed a lawsuit of its own against the cable giant. This sets up a classic battle between leaders in the entertainment industry.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Top AppAdvice News & Apps Of The Past Week

Some giants in media began their fights, as Amazon revealed its cloud. Meanwhile, Angry Birds Rio sold ten million copies in just ten days, while the $41 million Color app joined the App Store and fell flat. Finally, AppAdvice introduced the world to the iPad 2i, but it was all just a joke. These stories and more made news during the last week.

Bryan M. Wolfe