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Earlier today, we told you about SplitMail - a simple but effective jailbreak tweak, developed by Ryan Petrich as part of "TweakWeek." However, this free, open-source jailbreak tweak was tweak number three. Now, we're going to tell you about Petrich's first two TweakWeek tweaks: DietBar and PagePusher.

Joe White

Jailbreak Only: FullScreen For Safari Brings Gestures To Mobile Safari

I love being able to surf the web using multi-touch gestures on my MacBook Pro. I've gotten so used to it that I often find myself doing three-finger back swipes on my iPhone, only to remember that it doesn't support it. Well, if this is just as frustrating to you, as it is to me, I have fantastic news. A new jailbreak tweak released today will allow you to control mobile Safari using your beloved multi-touch gestures. Read more...

Alexander Vaughn