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In iOS 5, It's Possible To Easily Save Videos To Your Camera Roll

Another handy feature Apple has added in iOS 5 involves saving videos to the Camera Roll. Now, if you're emailed a video, or if you encounter a video file on the Web or in another built-in application, you can save it to your iOS device's Camera Roll by holding your finger down on the file, and selecting "Save Video."

Joe White

Playbox Lets You Become A Video DJ

Playbox- YouTube Playlist & Top Music Charts is a YouTube video player that specializes in showing you the top 20 music hits from around the world. Create playlists for easy reference and show your friends what a great video DJ you are.

Lory Gil

From the Diary of an App Developer: Let's Start Programming!

Even though the design phase of your application is going well, it probably feels like it's missing something. That "something" would be the programming--the aspect of development that turns design into functionality. This week, we'll start our programming training with some very simple SDK tutorials.

Adam Blair

Review: iLoader

With iLoader you can tag photos, add captions and descriptions, and upload multiple videos or photos simultaneously. Short of uploading, all this can be done offline as well. Do you really need iLoader when you can already upload through the Facebook app? Read on to find out.

Robb Lewis