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Apple's iPad Accounts For One Percent Of World's Web Browsing

Here's an impressive piece of information for you: Apple's "magical and revolutionary" iPad, which originally hit Apple Stores back in March, last year, now accounts for over one percent of worldwide Web browsing. The news comes in a report published by NetMarketShare, which hit the Web recently.

Joe White

New AppGuide: Best Web Browsers for the iPhone

Although Safari is a great web browser, it can sometimes leave an iOS user feeling underwhelmed with its feature set. Luckily, these apps can help you get the features you want from the browser on your iPhone, iPod touch, or even your iPad.

Greg Sapienza

New AppGuide: Best URL Push Apps

One feature that many iPhone users envy about Android is the Chrome to Phone feature that allows you to push URLs from your browser to your phone. These apps will help you get similar functionality on your idevice without going to the dark side.

Greg Sapienza

Review: Live Cams

Are you a voyeur or do you aspire to be one? Now you can satisfy that curious eye with Live Cams, an exciting app that lets you view public or private webcams, as well as IP cams with ease. Not to mention Live Cams offers great entertainment. This is an application you won't want to miss!

Mitchell James

Review: Mobicip Safe Browser

The iPhone and iPod Touch are sure to top kids' Christmas lists this season, but if giving them a high-tech, internet capable device makes you nervous, you need to know about Mobicip. I kick it around for you to see if it holds up! Check out the review!

Hayden Wreyford