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Defend Against Enemies That Surround You

A different style of defense game in which enemies come at you from 360 degrees around your center point. The set-up requires you to be on your toes, as you have to focus on every part of the screen to fight back incoming attacks.

Tower Defense - Mutant Octopus
Monster Flash
360 Samurai

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Convergence 360 Battle
Convergence 360 Battle

Convergence 360 Battle

Mike Hempfling

In a galaxy far away you need to defend a remote outpost from aliens

In a galaxy far away you need to defend a remote outpost from aliens. The goal of the game is to see how many points you can get. The longer you last the harder the game becomes. The repair shield power-ups appear randomly when you destroy an enemy. The kill all enemy power-ups appear after destroying an enemy once you...

Tower Defense - Mutant Octopus
Tower Defense - Mutant Octopus

Tower Defense

Khoa Tran

Welcome to Oczilla

Welcome to Oczilla!
Let's experience the first brand new kind of tower defense game!
Only on the App Store!

▶▶ How to Play:
● Touch & hold on left or right side of the screen to rotate the octopus.
● Use octopus's arms to destroy enemies.
● Use collected DNA, gems and eggs to evolve your mutant octopus.

▶▶ Features:
● Very easy gameplay.
● Cool rock music.
● Beautiful...

Black Magic Exterminator - Scorpion Insectoid  Bug
Black Magic Exterminator - Scorpion Insectoid  Bug

Black Magic Exterminator

Yehonatan Tuval

Giant scorpions have come to the desert of death to attack humans

Giant scorpions have come to the desert of death to attack humans. You are the world’s best magician who have no fear and have a mission to defense them on the desert of death. Work your magic or die!!
Remember! You’re the only one who can save the world from disaster!!!
Giant scorpion are coming from everywhere to attack you. One way...

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Monster Flash
Monster Flash
Monster Flash

Monster Flash

Robomodo LLC

It's a dark and stormy night... and your only defense against the ghosts and ghouls is your trusty flashlight. Creatures of all kinds surround you, coming from all directions. You can use your flashlight to protect yourself... Just don't turn your back to the things that go bump in the...

Ship Smash
Ship Smash
Ship Smash

Ship Smash

Aaron Gibbs

Wanna Smash?

Ship Smash is a unique, fast-paced, tower defense style, action game that requires quick and accurate fingers but timing and strategy as well. Use the octopus's arms and ink to smash and blast the enemy ships before they bring your health to zero. Along the way, you'll encounter new...

Burn the Bugs - Multiplayer Online Game
Burn the Bugs - Multiplayer Online Game
Burn the Bugs - Multiplayer Online Game

Burn the Bugs - Multiplayer Online Game

Global Mobile Ltd

Super fast paced Single Player & Online multiplayer game

*** Play against your friends locally or online with random players from all around the world ***

If you win multiplayer match you will win random weapons!
Defend yourself from huge waves of bugs!

In singleplayer & multiplayer more enemies you kill more difficult it...




A tribute to the classic arcade games, this fast-paced action shooter requires skill and strategy. Destroy all the asteroids with the available weapons to protect the landing of spaceships on your station.


◆ "this action-packed shooter will pull you in slowly and before you know it you'll be going nuts...

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Could be good for special cases

360 Samurai

360 Samurai

Matt McCrum

You are the lone samurai in the middle of the screen, fighting off enemies coming at you from 360 degrees. Simply swipe behind your character at the last minute to tear your foes limb from limb. But beware, the longer you live the faster and more plentiful these enemies will become.

Help is at hand however as each time you play you will earn Experience Points, which can be used to upgrade your samurai's sword and armour, arm him with throwing shurikens and much more.
Reaching higher waves will also unlock alternative characters to play as.

Featuring simple and addicting gameplay, competitive leaderboards, charming hand drawn graphics and multiple original music tracks, 360 Samurai is a must play, can't miss experience - download now and get stuck in!



Fraj Amine

FREE and NO ADS - Grab it while you can!

Waves of enemies are rushing on you, shoot them by swapping colors.

Simple enough, isn’t it? But the game requires quick reflexes and a little strategy.

Colorazer is a simple yet addictive endless retro-style arcade game, a fast paced action oriented take on the tower defense formula.

Do you have what it takes to handle the challenge of COLORAZER?

Key features:

- Original take on the one tap game genre
- Beautiful minimal design
- Handful of awesome power-up items to unlock
- Compete with friends and the world for the top score

Total Defense 3D

Total Defense 3D


Craving for a really smashing gameplay coupled with a catching plot? Experience totally addictive Total Defense 3D!

Get ready to immerse into the action set in a faraway galaxy where people are languishing under the rule of the cruel Tyrant. You are the only hope and savior for those starving and dying because of unbearable taxes. Rise against the Imperial army and free all the planets in the solar system!

Build powerful towers and protect your mining base to fight the Empire’s forces. Work out the best strategy to eliminate the enemies and their military depots.

•Accomplish 23 exciting story-driven missions
•Choose any of 4 upgradable types of towers
•Develop 5 sets of skills
•Try on each of the featured levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard or Hell
•Explore exotic alien landscapes in 360 degrees
•Discover different planets in the galaxy
•Get inspired by the exclusive, futuristic electronic soundtrack

Feel the taste of space battle with Total Defense 3D!