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Get The Tools And Skills You Need To Properly Analyze Statistics

Are you having trouble analyzing statistical data? Well if you find yourself stumped on statistical analysis look no further. There are luckily tons of apps on the App Store that focus on exactly this; Helping you access the tools you need to properly analyze and evaluate statistics.

BS3 Statistics Pack
SAP Analytics Cloud Roambi
Epi Info Companion
Data Explorer

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Ulrich Hoensch

Short Description:

Short Description:

Computes descriptive statistics of quantitative variables.
Performs statistical tests and computes confidence intervals in one, two and multiple-sample situations.
Provides regression analysis using linear, exponential and power-law models.
Computes probabilities and quantiles for standard statistical distributions.
Provides statistics features usually found on hand-held calculators.
Accuracy of numerical results tested against Wolfram Mathematica.


Data Entry:
Easy (list-based) entry of quantitative and categorical data, and two-way tables.
Voice-based data...

BS3 Statistics Pack
BS3 Statistics Pack

BS3 Statistics Pack


This is a tool consisting of 5 applications

This is a tool consisting of 5 applications. Every application has an extended guide line.
With these statistical tests doctors can assess the relative risk of a clinical event related to a specific risk factor in prospective and retrospective studies; the quality of a diagnostic test, its specificity and sensitivity, and finally the evaluation of absolute and relative risk with their...

SAP Analytics Cloud Roambi
SAP Analytics Cloud Roambi

SAP Analytics Cloud Roambi


This application is for SAP Roambi and SAP Analytics Cloud Roambi subscribers

This application is for SAP Roambi and SAP Analytics Cloud Roambi subscribers.

With Roambi, you can
Create easy-to-use analytics, reports and dashboards
Get data into the hands of mobile workers in the field where they need it most
Create stunning experiences that engage audiences and drive adoption

Note: This application does not connect to SAP Analytics Cloud.

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Epi Info Companion
Epi Info Companion
Epi Info Companion

Epi Info Companion

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Data Entry

Allows the user to collect data on the mobile device using a form created with Epi Info 7 on a desktop PC. Features include:

• Importing a collection form via the device’s native email app
• Opening saved forms
• Entering new records to be stored on the device
• Recalling and updating...

Data Explorer
Data Explorer
Data Explorer

Data Explorer

A&X Analytics, LLC

Explore and analyze your datasets. Find patterns within and between variables.

Use industry standard statistical techniques without being a stats expert. Get plain english explanations.

Data Explorer makes the world of data analysis accessible to the rest of us.

Features include::
• Import data files (csv, txt, xls, xlsx)
• Enter / edit data by...



You Hui Yan

Analyser is a statistics/analysis tools that includes Python,R engine that let you run codes written in these languages in iOS devices directly:
1 Python modules:numpy,scipy,pandas,statsmodels,scikit-leary/image,nilearn,astroML,pymc,nipy
2 R packages:DBI,cluster,inline,mvtnorm,spam,Formula,codetools,ipred,nlme,spatial,GPArotation,coin,iterators,nnet,splines,Hmisc,colorspace,jiebaR,numDeriv,stats,KernSmooth,datasets,jiebaRD,pamr,stats4,MASS,deepnet,jsonlite,parallel,stringi,Matrix,digest,kernlab,party,stringr,NLP,e1071,knitr,partykit,strucchange,RColorBrewer,evaluate,lars,penalized,survival,RCurl,foreach,lasso2,plyr,tau,RJSONIO,foreign,lattice,praise,testthat,RSNNS,gbm,latticeExtra,prodlim,tibble,RSQLite,glmpath,lava,psych,tm,Rcpp,gof,lazyeval,quantreg,tools,SparseM,grDevices,lmtest,registry,tree,,graphics,magrittr,reshape,tseries,XML,grid,maptree,reshape2,utils,arules,gridExtra,markdown,rms,wordcloud,assertthat,gtable,maxent,rpart,wordcloud2,base,highr,methods,sandwich,xml2,base64enc,htmltools,mime,scales,xtable,boot,htmlwidgets,modeltools,selectr,yaml,caTools,httpuv,multcomp,shiny,zoo,class,httr,munsell,slam
3 Stats templates:ARIMA,Cluster,Correlation,Discriminant,Distribution,Factor,Generalized Linear/Linear/Logistic/Nonlinear Regression,One-Way ANOVA,Principal Components,t Test...,
4 Analyser use SQLite database, sas7bdat(support read/update/create directly) and xls file as data source to perform statistics/analysis and...

Statsheet Spreadsheet
Statsheet Spreadsheet
Statsheet Spreadsheet

Statsheet Spreadsheet

JOhn Lyons

Statsheet is your Statistics Spreadsheet, with all the statistics functions you would expect to find in an expensive stats package.

Like a very sophisticated calculator, this is a great way to practise statistics, and analyse stats.

These are some of the functions you will find fully supported:

AVEDEV - Find the average deviation

StatsMate For iPad
StatsMate For iPad
StatsMate For iPad

StatsMate For iPad


StatsMate is an easy-to-use powerful statistics calculator for iOS. It has been featured by Apple on Apps For Learning Math in the App Stores around the world.

Statistics is not about spending time in tables. With StatsMate, looking for a statistical value and doing a statistics calculation have never been easier....



Taft College

TC-Stats is a complete data analysis application for the iPad. The application performs the following functions: Summary Statistics, Histograms, Box-and-Whisker Plot, Normal Probability Plot, Scatter Plot, Frequency Distribution Table, Probability calculations based on the binomial, standard and non-standard normal, t, f and chi-squared distributions, one and two sample hypothesis tests...




StatsMate is an easy-to-use powerful statistics calculator for iOS. It has been featured by Apple on Apps For Learning Math in the App Stores around the world.

Statistics is not about spending time in tables. With StatsMate, looking for a statistical value and doing a statistics calculation have never been...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

JMP® Graph Builder

JMP® Graph Builder

SAS Institute Inc.

JMP® Graph Builder is the best way to view and explore data right on your iPad. Create, edit and view graphs wherever you are with the same Graph Builder engine found in JMP, the desktop statistical discovery software from SAS.

Get started:
• Send a JMP data table to your iPad with email, which preserves Graph Builder scripts.
• Get access to your data no matter where it is, including Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and more.
• Organize data tables in the gallery.
• Make a new graph by dragging variables where you want them with live updates.
• Switch between chart types by tapping in the palette.
• Explore your data with pinch, zoom and pan gestures.
• Fine-tune your graph with style, color and legend choices.
• Filter your data to discover hidden relationships and dependencies.

Share your work:
• Communicate your discoveries with email, PDF, iTunes, Dropbox or Copy/Paste.
• Use AirPrint to print your graphs on a compatible printer.
• Display your work using Airplay or a dock adapter.

Point Chart, Smoother Curve Fit, Linear Regression, Density Ellipse, Contour Density, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Box Plot, Histogram, Heat Map, Pie Chart, Treemap, Mosaic Plot, Caption Box, Geographic Mapping, Trellis Layout of Graphs, Simple Summary Statistics, Overlaid Charts, Data Filter, Excel Import.

Smart Statistics

Smart Statistics


Smart Statistics is the powerful statistical app designed for a mobile device.Analyze your data and present your results with confidence. Created exclusively for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Smart Statistics includes support for Multi-Touch gestures and Smart Zoom so you can create beautiful charts using just your fingers.

+ Probability Distributions
Normal, Chi-Square, F, T, Uniform, Poisson, Geometric, Hypergeometric, Beta, Cauchy, Exponential, Gamma, LogNormal, Logistic, Wilcoxon, Weibull, Wilcoxon Rank Sum Statistic.

+ Hypothesis Tests
- Normality Test (Anderson Darling, Jarque-Bera, Shapiro-Wilk)
- One-Sample T Test
- Two-Sample T Test
- One-Sample Z Test
- Chi-Square Test
- Mann-Whitney U Test
- One Sample Sign Test
- One Variance
- F(Var) Test
- Binomial Test

+ Control Charts
- Xbar Chart
- R Chart
- S Chart
- Xbar.One Chart
- P Chart
- NP Chart
- U Chart
- C Chart

Statistics Pro

Statistics Pro

Larry Feldman

The reviews asked for it, you've got it! The linear regression and data analysis solvers now each handle 30 inputs!

Are you doing math with an abacus? No? Well, why are you using Z-score tables? Enter the mean and standard deviation of a bell curve, and this application computes the area under the curve to the left of any value you specify.

Or, compute the value on a bell curve given the area beneath it.

"Statistics Pro" contains a rich collection of solvers, examples, and tutorials for the following topics:

- Data analysis (mean, standard deviation, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile, and outlier thresholds for up to 30 data values)
- Linear regression (best-fit line and correlation coefficient on up to 30 points)
- Chebyshev's Theorem
- Normal Distribution
- Binomial Distribution
- Chi Squared Distribution
- Poisson Distribution
- Exponential Distribution
- Central Limit Theorem
- T-Tests for One and Two Means
- Confidence Intervals
- Uniform random number generation
- Binomial random number generation
- Gaussian random number generation
- Poisson random number generation
- Exponential random number generation

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