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Check Out That Bars Rating Before You Go

If you want to know more about what people rate the bar you are at or going to then these apps have what you need.

The Best Bars
SceneCheck Events
The Best Bars

The Best Bars

Sirqul, Inc.

Searching for a bar to watch the next game, but have no idea where to go?

Whether you want a stadium-like experience or just a guarantee that the game is on, Best Bars can help. Best Bars uses ratings from fans and info from bars to help you locate the best bars to watch your teams games.

* Find the best bars to watch your favorite teams and events
* Quickly search for sports bars near you
* Check to see which neighborhoods have the most crowds near your favorite bars
* Manage your favorite teams to see when and where your games will be played
* Track and invite your friends to watch games together
* Recommend bars for watching your favorite teams
* View a schedule of upcoming games for all teams/leagues
* Get alerts from your favorites bars about food and drink specials
* View attendance of the bar and for what team

So get off your couch, download Best Bars, and find a seat at the best bar near you. With Best Bars, you'll never have to miss another game again!

When you use Best Bars, every game is on.

Please contact us at for any questions or feedback!

SceneCheck Events

SceneCheck Events

SceneCheck, LLC

The wildest parties, concerts, and events all in one place. Find the littest thing going on in over 14 major cities in the U.S. There’s a free open-bar with a superstar artist at the most insane spot in town and you should be there. “What should we do tonight”- SceneCheck it.

Used by thousands of people at over 5,800 bars, clubs, and concert venues in 14 major cities including:

Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, San Marcos, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

· Find curated lists of the wildest parties, concerts, and events in 14 major cites
· See what you should be at RIGHT NOW
· Find exclusive promotions, secret events, open bars, and insane deals
· Buy last minute concert tickets on the spot
· The best tool for any traveler wanting to go out
· Not just concerts - check out themed parties, comedy, pub crawls, and festivals
· Get invited to official parties for top users
· Choose only the areas of town you like to go out in
· Simple AF and wicked fast

Ready to get lit? Download now, and let’s hit the street.

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