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Drag Your Finger For As Long As You Can

Drag your finger to guide the main character either along a path, past enemies, or through obstacles. Many of these games turn your finger into the main character, so that every way you move your finger is represented on screen. Survive as long as you can in varying scenarios, and remember to keep your finger constantly on screen.

Mmm Fingers
Road to be King
Mmm Fingers 2

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On the line

On the line

Kevin Choteau

Tread between the lines.

Let your finger do the running in On the Line. With just your finger, you guide a dot as it traverses a never-ending narrow path with many twists, turns, and surprising obstacles. How far can you go?

Mmm Fingers
Mmm Fingers

Mmm Fingers


How long can you protect your fingers from the hungry monsters

How long can you protect your fingers from the hungry monsters?!

Mmm Fingers is a fun, single touch high score game oozing with charm from the creators of Small Fry and Flappy Golf. Touch and hold the screen as long as you can. Don’t lift your finger or hit anything with teeth or else CHOMP, it is game over. Compete...

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Guide your king
Road to be King

Collect crystals, take out enemies, and enjoy your kingdom in this continuous scrolling adventure.

Road to be King

Road to be King

Noodlecake Studios Inc

In Road to be King, you just hold down on the screen and move your finger to steer your character. When you lift your finger, the game will automatically pause. Watch out for enemies, but clobber the minions in your way for extra points. Navigate your way over to valuable...

Mmm Fingers 2
Mmm Fingers 2

Drag your finger to weave through monsters for as long as you can.

Mmm Fingers 2

Mmm Fingers 2


The sequel maintains the set up of the original, but introduces all new monsters to avoid. Not only that, but there's also a daily challenge mode to try to keep things fresh within the endless structure.

Pix Racer: fury pixel car drift racing game
Pix Racer: fury pixel car drift racing game
Pix Racer: fury pixel car drift racing game

Pix Racer: fury pixel car drift racing game

建瑛 贾

Endless racing game is waiting for you! Join this game and be careful of addiction.

Control your pixel racer just by dragging left and right.

Too simple? Show me how far you can reach and how much score you can get.

Tiny package for downloading in seconds. Don't hesitate to...

Finger Smasher
Finger Smasher
Finger Smasher

Finger Smasher

Arun Sharma

Finger Smasher is a fun and addictive single touch endless scrolling game. There is only one objective, survive, and survive you must, for as long as you can!

Touch and drag your finger to make your way past deadly traps, obnoxious monsters, dangerous rotating saws and treacherous spikes. Advance through the...

Touchdown Hero
Touchdown Hero
Touchdown Hero

Touchdown Hero

Cherrypick Games S.A.

Welcome to Touchdown Hero, the Skillz-powered football game where you can compete with friends, ace the competition, and win big cash prizes. (where available)!
THROW LIKE A PRO! Choose the right scheme and swiftly rush down the field. Use fakes, pushes, and spins to avoid being tackled by aggressive defenders.


Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Upventure - Endless Free Fun Game

Upventure - Endless Free Fun Game

David Marshall

Why did the ball fly into space?

Upventure is a beautiful fast paced game with colorful levels and cute characters.

How to play?
• Tap play icon to start.
• Slide horizontally (left-right) anywhere on the screen.
• Avoid the cube obstacles.
• Collect gems, if you can.

• One-finger control lets you play easily with one hand.
• Unique gameplay: Collectible gems behind obstacles.
• Starts off easy, gets challenging fast. Addicting gameplay.
• Zen-like music with sound effects, recorded with real instruments.
• Unlock famous and cute characters.

• Use the area below the ball to see the upcoming obstacles.
• The ball moves right or left on a line, it doesn't follow your finger up and down.
• Resist the urge to push the character up as you go faster!

• Juniper Fox @juniperfoxx
• Nala Cat @nala_cat
• Lil BUB @iamlilbub
• Coby The Cat @cobythecat
• White Coffee Cat @white_coffee_cat_
• Venus the Two Face Cat @venustwofacecat
• Alice & Finnegan and Oliver The Dog @pitterpatterfurryfeet
• Envy & Zain @kelly_bove
• Menswear Dog @mensweardog
• Mr.Pokee The Hedgehog @mr.pokee
• Olaf The Husky @olafthehusky
• Lizzie The Golden Retriever @lizzie.bear
• Daisy Underbite @underbiteunite
• More characters are coming soon!

Do you have what it takes to go above the sky and reach for the stars? Will you fall? Or will you fly?

More info:
• Easy to start, fun to master.
• Lead the ball to infinity and beyond.
• One finger play, endless possibilities.
• Are they gems or diamonds? You decide.
• There's no limit on the score that you can achieve, but please make sure to play responsibly and get plenty of sleep.
• Switch between characters, round or inside a bubble and enjoy the parallax star eye candy with different color isometric cubes.
• Touch & drag to control the bubble characters and become the ultimate monument rolling slider in this addictive smash hit free valley runner game.

Game by Global Champions Inc
Made with love in San Francisco
Music by Chris Zabriskie

Moon Run!

Moon Run!

Conversion, LLC

Glide through the beautiful twilight sky as the moon in this scenic avoidance game! As dark clouds assemble above, simply drag your finger across the screen to navigate around them. Test your hand-eye coordination as you slither through trails of sky orbs on your way into the heavens! Don't be afraid to take risks to collect as many orbs as you can—there are many moon designs that you can unlock with them!

How to play:
Simply touch the screen and drag your finger from left to right to control the movement of your moon. Avoid colliding with dark clouds and the edges of the screen, which will cause your moon to explode and will end your run!

• 10 different types of full moon skins for your character!
• Randomly generated gameplay that is always fresh, endless, and addicting!
• A gaming experience that is both relaxing and stimulating!
• Free to download and play (ads can be removed with in-app purchase)!

Follow the Line: Don`t Touch the Edges

Follow the Line: Don`t Touch the Edges

Haavard Moland

Don`t stray from the line, but concentrate to stay on the path for a long time!

Follow the Line is extremely easy to learn, but pretty hard to master. Sure it sounds easy enough to just drag your finger along a line on your phone, and perhaps you`ll get the hang of it pretty soon. But when the line turns into zig-zag patterns, circles et cetera, you will be shocked to see how tough it actually can be. But fun at the same time!

* Unlock stuff by getting longer and longer
* Endless game mode
* Hours of gameplay
* Fun for all ages
* Easy to learn
* Addictive

So try it out today, and see how long you can stay on the line!