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Fling The Character As Far As You Can

The goal of these games is to fling your character as far as you can. You often need to manage momentum either in the air or bouncing on the ground with all kinds of environmental elements to either help or hinder your momentum. These games normally include permanent upgrades to strive for to help your launch, trajectory, and momentum to increase the distance of your fling.

Chicken Toss - Chickens on the Run
Flying Mannequin

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Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre
Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Burrito Bison


Burrito Bison is here and he’s brought friends

Burrito Bison is here and he’s brought friends!

In the latest installment of one of the web’s most popular games, Burrito Bison teams up with new friends: Pineapple Spank and El Pollo to bounce, crack, eat cake, smack, fly, and soar through the skies to fend off the invasion of gummies!

Stolen by an evil chef, Burrito Bison seeks out his cookbook...

Sky Whale - a Game Shakers App
Sky Whale - a Game Shakers App

Sky Whale


Bounce through the sky collecting donuts to keep your narwhal up in the air

Bounce through the sky collecting donuts to keep your narwhal up in the air! Use clouds and crazy objects to bounce higher and farther. Insane combos will take your narwhal into outer space. And scuba gear will send him on an underwater adventure. Earn coins to unlock awesome items, blasting your narwhal farther than he’s ever gone before!

· Play the...

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Lots of upgrades
Ava Airborne

Help Ava hang glide through the sky filled with obstacles.

Ava Airborne

Ava Airborne

PlayStack Ltd

Ava Airborne is a new infinite flier that's packed full of charm, personality, and endless amounts of challenging fun.

Wide Sky
Wide Sky
Wide Sky

Wide Sky

Forge and Form GmbH

For a marine mammal, the hedgehog spends a disconcerting amount of time on land. What do they want, what are they up to?

Hedgehogs are troubled spirits, and yet, they never fail to entertain the masses with their acrobatic feats. Many people don't know, however, that hedgehogs aren't born this way....

Propel Man
Propel Man
Propel Man

Propel Man

Spiel Studios


Use the Catapult to dispatch the Propel Man to dizzy heights in the sky and cross each level by landing safely past the finish line by deploying your parachute.

- Realistic Catapult mechanics, Air resistance and Parachute handling
- 30 levels with increasing distances...

Flying Mannequin
Flying Mannequin
Flying Mannequin

Flying Mannequin

Takemi Matsumoto

"Flying Mannequin" is a game where you launch a mannequin high into the sky.

You drag a bomb with your finger and it explodes on release, launching the mannequin in the blast.
Also, there are red sea urchins floating about which you must avoid or they'll poke you.

Competing to see just how...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Fly! Cola

Fly! Cola

ZAIZEN Co., Ltd.

Fly!Cola is an application which shake cola and fly as far as possible.
You can shake 10 sec.
If you want to fly farther, you may shake your iphone/ipod as best you can.
Let's shake !!!

How far you can fly?
Let's compare with your friends!

Actually you can shape up your upper arm.

Please grip your iphone/ipad hard and play with your hand dry.
Please look around when you play game.
Please follow the iphone/ipod touch and ipad instructions.

"CUBIC Co., Inc." shall not be liable to user for compensation or damages of any kind whatsoever, including direct, incidental, or consequential damages, incurred by reason caused by user.

****************** Required Devices ******************
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPod touch 3rd Gen (model no. A1318)
iPod touch 4th Gen

※Model no. can be found at the back of your devices.
This title does not support no. A1288 as it is 2nd Gen.




iPod touch 第3世代(モデル番号A1318)※
iPod touch 第4世代
※ モデル番号は端末の裏面に記載されています。
A1288 は第2世代です。非対応となりますのでご注意ください。

・iPhone/iPod touchをしっかり握り、手から離さないようにしてください。
・iPhone/iPod touchの説明書に従った取り扱い方法を守ってください。

※尚、本アプリの利用に関して利用者に何らかの損失、損害等が発生した場合でも"CUBIC Co., Ltd."は一切の賠償責任を負わないものとします。

Ruberth's Kick n' Fly

Ruberth's Kick n' Fly

Donut Games

WHAT ON EARTH are Santa's little helpers up to after they have quit the workshop?

Playing a game of KICK AWAY CATAPULT, of course!

Aim and launch hilariously laughing elves through the snowy landscapes and fill up their pockets with sparkling knick-knacks.

Use bouncy mushrooms to reach new areas, but avoid dangers such as bottomless wells and frosty snowmen that makes your nose freeze.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


- 60 Sparkling landscapes
- High-precision catapult fun
- Hilariously laughing, annoying elves
- Lots of ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock
- Endless replay value: Retry any level and shoot for a higher star rank
- Collectors Icon #16
- BONUS FEATURE: Shake your phone/tablet for SNOW GLOBE effects
- And much more...


- Game Center support
- Widescreen support
- Universal App (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Enjoy another Donut Games release!