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Your Festival Finder And Companion

These apps can help you find festivals in your area and help serve as a companion when you do arrive.

Dance Festivals
NewCo Festivals
WISN 12 City of Festivals
FestivAll, all music festivals
Appic - Festivals & More

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Dance Festivals
Dance Festivals

Dance Festivals

Amit Garg

Dance Festivals is a premier app hosting variety of latin dance events like Atlanta Salsa Festival, Bachateando (Miami), New York Salsa Congress, Miami Salsa Congress, LA Bachata Festival, etc

Dance Festivals is a premier app hosting variety of latin dance events like Atlanta Salsa Festival, Bachateando (Miami), New York Salsa Congress, Miami Salsa Congress, LA Bachata Festival, etc. - featuring performances by local and international talent, classes by renowned instructors and nightly parties with top DJs. Download this app to stay connected to all the action. Helpful app features...

NewCo Festivals
NewCo Festivals

NewCo Festivals

NewCo Media, Inc.

Welcome to the official app for NewCo

Welcome to the official app for NewCo! With this handy app, you can view the entire schedule for this year's events in each city as well as create your own personalized schedule. And with schedule sharing you can now connect the app with Facebook to see friends' schedules in real time!

Check out the map to see the location for each...

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FestivAll, all music festivals
FestivAll, all music festivals
FestivAll, all music festivals

FestivAll, all music festivals

FestivAll IVS

Want to go to a music festival but don’t know which one to pick? Bought a ticket only to see the headliner but have no idea about who else is playing? We’ll make sure that you are all set for your next music festival.

Browse through the biggest and always updated...

Appic - Festivals & More
Appic - Festivals & More
Appic - Festivals & More

Appic - Festivals & More


Appic is your personal party assistant! The Appic app keeps you up-to-date on the best festivals, events and clubs, with all must-have information at the tip of your finger. You can easily design your own timetable, find your way with the event map and listen to the latest tracks of...



Beautycon Media, Inc

Welcome to the official Beautycon Festival App! From New York to Los Angeles, we’re taking the online experience IRL with our Festivals bringing the biggest content creators, celebrities, brands, and fans together to celebrate beauty, self-expression and staying true to yourself. Receive real-time event updates, plan your festival day with...

Shotgun: Electronic Events
Shotgun: Electronic Events
Shotgun: Electronic Events

Shotgun: Electronic Events


Shotgun is the app which opens doors to electronics nights (techno, house, acid, minimal, micro, etc.) :

* Party selection based on your musical taste;
* Discover events which surround you, listen to the artists present there;
* Buy your spot, tickets, pre-sales, whatever you want to call it, for the best festivals,...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

goFestival - Discover music festivals

goFestival - Discover music festivals

Aspire Digital Studios


goFestival is basically your greatest festival buddy! For the best UK music festivals goFestival is there with the ultimate solution to organising the greatest weekend!


Find the festival that's perfect with you with advanced search filters; narrow down by price, suitable ages and also by festival amenities!


Ever missed "THE" act of the weekend because you've fallen asleep in your tent? Luckily for you by creating your personalised schedule, all the artists you love are in one place and goFestival has your back with notifications!
Suddenly have a change of heart and want to see another artist that everyone just won't shut up about? You can by changing, adding and removing artists directly in your schedule!

If you're like us and every year you're settled in for the first time, the tents are up, beers are flowing, everyone's having a good time... but wait! You've just remembered you've forgotten your pillow... damn! Well don't worry ever again, setup a checklist and make sure to add in some of our suggestions.

Favourite Places
It's a nightmare finding yours or your mate's tent in the jungles that are the campsites!
Just pop a marker when you've pitched up and gone are the days of stumbling into someone else's tent and seeing something a little bit awkward!
You can also save markers for events, bars and toilets and where you've parked!

Offline Mode
Never ever struggle with poor connection at a festival again. Download a festival to your phone so you can still get the full goFestival experience... offline!


Surely we don't have to help you here?!
Have a great festival and stay safe :)

A free account is required to use the organise features. Your data is synced securely so your checklists, favourite places and schedules are nice and safe if you need to reinstall or change device.

Please note: All festival lineup and schedule times are subject to change without notice. We try our best to be as up-to-date as possible.

Meetrow - App gathers lineup for Music Festivals

Meetrow - App gathers lineup for Music Festivals

Naoki Oguchi

Meetrow can help find your new favorite!.
Various Information are shown in the map like the metro transit map by Meetrow.

For example
Music festival lineup are shown in the map like the Metro transit map by Meetrow.
Your new favorite artist is put near the your favorite artist.
Let's find your new favorite!.
Help to you music festival preparation.

-App create transit map by Machine Learning.
-Tapping the artist will display youtube and detailed information about artist.
-Tapping the station will go down to the next station.
-App can play Youtube in background.
-Setting the push notification receive about What's new in App.

Map List
-Glastonbury Festival 2016
-Outside Lands 2016
-Rock in japan 2016
-Fuji Rock Festival 2016
-Rising Sun Rock Festival 2016 in Ezo
-Summer Sonic 2016
-Rock In Japan 2015

Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Ivan Cabezon Orjales

You don't know to which Spanish festival to go this year? What bands will atend? how much does the ticket cost? This is the app you need!
In "Festivales" you'll find a list of the most relevant festivals in Spain and Portugal (for the moment) with all the info you need to decide which one to go :)

With this app you can:

- See the detail of the festival with dates, place (city and map), ticket price and the bands that will attend.
- Recieve new notifications of the festivals you want.
- A powerful search so you can look the artist you like and see where is going.
- Tell other people about Festivales App.