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Create A Healthy Lifestyle With These Habit Tracking Apps

Staying on track with a diet is not always easy, but if you make a habit of eating healthy it just might be. These habit tracking apps will help you keep track of your health without a lot of work.

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker
Kinsa Smart Stick

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Funn Media, LLC

HealthView app integrates with the Apple Health app and allows you to see your health data in a broad clean way, by allowing you to drill down to more details in an easy and quick way

HealthView app integrates with the Apple Health app and allows you to see your health data in a broad clean way, by allowing you to drill down to more details in an easy and quick way!

Apple Watch complications will show your activity levels from your pedometer data - this feature is very convenient if you want to glance over your...

How Are You Doing
Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker


Lifesum AB

It's All Here

If you've been looking for an all-in-one fitness and food tracker, you've come to the right place with Lifesum. This freemium app offers everything you need to live better ... and longer.

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Kinsa Smart Stick
Kinsa Smart Stick
Kinsa Smart Stick

Kinsa Smart Stick


Let Kinsa guide you from the first sign of sickness through recovery and beyond! As seen in Apple’s “Parenthood” commercial.

Easily track temperatures, symptoms and medication for each family member. Remember details such as when symptoms began, how high the fever got, or when to give another dose of medication and...



Tactio Health Group Inc.

NB: Tactio Health is currently in maintenance mode and therefore only available for existing users (no signup, log-in only).

Tactio Health App helps you track and manage a wide range of health data from simple manual logging or syncing with connected health apps and medical devices. It is packed with science-based...

Transform | Healthy Lifestyle
Transform | Healthy Lifestyle
Transform | Healthy Lifestyle

Transform | Healthy Lifestyle

Blue Mesa Health Inc.

The Transform app is available to anyone participating in the Transform lifestyle change program.

-Chat with your coach and Transform community group!

-Work through 25 interactive lessons based on the CDC's proven curriculum (all the best info on nutrition, physical activity, and how to sustain healthy behaviors).

-Track your food with the app.


Nudge Health
Nudge Health
Nudge Health

Nudge Health

Nudge, LLC

Nudge makes sure the support you need to reach your goals is always just one tap away.

Listen... We all know there is no app out there that will change your lifestyle for you. But if you’re reading this, then we think you’re ready to take that simple yet powerful next...

Carb and Move
Carb and Move
Carb and Move

Carb and Move

Karazel Balance Inc.

Carb and Move assists the food and exercise management by giving insight into food calories, carbs and their speed of absorption to better match the meals with the activity level.

Carb and Move tracks the energy balance in daily exercises and meals, helping users in achieving weight loss, staying physically...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Health Tracker

Health Tracker


Health Tracker is a iPhone application that will calculate a number of different health measurements including:

* Calculate BMI
* Calculate Waist to Height Ratio
* Calculate Waist to Hip Ratio
* Calculate Resting Calorie requirement (BMR)

It will also allows you to store results so you can see changes over time.

Health Tracker can handle Metric and imperial measurements, as well allowing you store Gender, Date of Birth and Height to cut down on the amount of information you need to enter.

The application allows you to select the date that your measurement is for and calculates your age to provide you with the most accurate information it can.

Coming Soon:
* iCloud support
* Graphs for historic data
* Custom fields for recording additional data

If you like Health Tracker, please consider writing a positive review on the App Store.

We will be adding new features, bug fixes and performance improvements in due course. If you have any suggestions or feedback then please contact us on [email protected]

Thanks to Jason Newbatt for the splash images.

ActiveDay – Activity Study

ActiveDay – Activity Study

Tidyware, LLC

With ActiveDay Study, you can share anonymous study data to help develop technology solutions that support aging in place with confidence.

In as little as 5 activity sessions you will provide our researchers with a significant amount of important anonymous data, all without the need to alter your daily routine. Ready to make a difference?

Simple, user-friendly design
Created with ease-of-use in mind, ActiveDay strips out the fluff that bogs down many activity tracking apps to allow for the most universally positive user experience, regardless of age, physicality or level of tech savvy.

You define “active”
Researchers require data on all sorts of activities (from low-level passive activities to high-intensity workouts), with all data being valued equally. ActiveDay is designed to collect and utilize data regardless if you are walking your dog or running a marathon.

Creating real win-wins
ActiveDay was designed to encourage and inspire any and all levels of activity. The anonymous data collected by ActiveDay may one day become part of a solution that enhances the health and safety of smartphone users. Let’s just say, if you’re looking for karma points this app is for you.

Minutes a day, your way
ActiveDay gathers data when you start activities. Simply turn the app on to begin your session. Keep the phone in your pocket, armband or cell phone holder for best results and go about your regular activities.

A nudge without being a nudge
Reminders are sent to help you remember to start the app and get active. Developing a routine for activity is the key to success for many who are in the beginning stages or wishing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Part of the Tidyware family of solutions
Developed by the Bellevue, WA-based team at Tidyware, Inc., ActiveDay meets our highest quality standards for bug-free operation, data security, and limited resource use. Tidyware’s other apps include FallSafety, an automatic fall detection and alerts solution for those who work at height.

Please note, ActiveDay does not detect falls for the purpose of communicating emergency alerts and should not be relied upon to provide as such. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

ActiveDay integrates with the Health app to help gather health and safety information.

SHEDs+ - Simple Habits +

SHEDs+ - Simple Habits +

Peter Barr

Do you want to build good habits in your life and break bad habits that are weighing you down? Would you like to be the Master of your life again?
SHEDs+ - Simple Habits Every Day - is the simplest and most user-friendly habit changing and routine creating app on the market today. Designed and built by a Master Certified Coach with over 10,000 hours of experience in truly understanding and appreciating what makes people step up to their best life.
Changing habits can often be very difficult without guidance and accountability. Using SHEDs+ is like having your very own personal life coach providing you with daily reminders and motivation and helping you with your habits and goal tracking.
By focusing on what you can control and what supports your best, SHEDs+ builds a body of evidence to remind you that you are the Master of your life.
So, how exactly can SHEDs+ help you create good habits and break bad habits at the same time?
It helps you accomplish your life goals by turning these into daily goals – an action list or a habit list, if you will – around which you can create a daily routine. You strengthen your character and move closer to your goals by sticking to this routine and repeating these daily actions until the habits are fully reinforced and mastered.
Rise up and shine every morning to the smiling face of Simon, the SHEDs+ mascot, that winks at you and then inspires you with a new and relevant quote about the power of great habit or routine.

Review and tick off the list of habits you've created that support you being the best you, every day. At the same time, consider what you are grateful for that day and type it into your Today's SHEDs area. Check your progress by reviewing the statistics page.

Be reminded with pop-ups that let you know it's time to perform your Simple Habit, or you've reached a milestone worthy of note. Or maybe, it's time to reward yourself for your accomplishments. As you know, habits get reinforced quickly when we reward ourselves each time we do them.

When you feel you've truly got control over a habit, transfer your Simple Habit to the Mastered SHEDs page and begin to build the evidence that you have gained mastery over your life once more. Then imagine what else is possible and add more good habits to build and strengthen with SHEDs+.

On a tough day, review your gratitudes to remind you that life is not that bad - that you've a lot to be grateful for.

It's possible that SHEDs+ could be a great support tool for those recovering after a long period of alcohol or drug addiction. Studies show that it's much easier to break bad habits permanently by replacing them with good habits.
Some people keep cycling through all sorts of self-help or personal development advice available online hoping to stumble upon that proverbial silver bullet, without getting any positive results at all. They tend to start each year creating these well-intentioned if ambitious resolutions, only to falter and fail after a mere few weeks of trying.
Have you experienced this frustrating cycle yourself?
Authentic self-improvement is accomplished through small incremental changes, never through instantaneous 180-degree transformations that require superhuman efforts. It just doesn’t happen that way 99 percent of the time.
The fact is, if you don't take care of the basics and make those small decisions repeatedly, every single day, you are not going to get anywhere.
You can only achieve the happiness and transformation that your heart desires by making the right choices today and building the right habits.

Whether you're planning to just change habits or aiming for that major self and life change, SHEDs+ can be an excellent tool to help you accomplish all these. If the trip of a thousand miles starts with the first step, then SHEDs are the first step to taking control of every day on the journey to your best life.

Are you ready for the first step into your SHEDs? The welcome mat awaits you.