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Create A Healthy Lifestyle With These Habit Tracking Apps

Staying on track with a diet is not always easy, but if you make a habit of eating healthy it just might be. These habit tracking apps will help you keep track of your health without a lot of work.

Lifesum: Healthy Eating
SHEDs+ - Simple Habits +

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Lifesum: Healthy Eating


Lifesum AB

It's All Here

If you've been looking for an all-in-one fitness and food tracker, you've come to the right place with Lifesum. This freemium app offers everything you need to live better ... and longer.

Comprehensive data


Reflectly ApS

HealthView app integrates with the Apple Health app and allows you to see your health data in a broad clean way, by allowing you to drill down to more details in an easy and quick way

HealthView app integrates with the Apple Health app and allows you to see your health data in a broad clean way, by allowing you to drill down to more details in an easy and quick way!

Apple Watch complications will show your activity levels from your pedometer data - this feature is very convenient if you want to glance over your...

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SHEDs+ - Simple Habits +
SHEDs+ - Simple Habits +
SHEDs+ - Simple Habits +

SHEDs+ - Simple Habits +

Peter Barr

Do you want to build good habits in your life and break bad habits that are weighing you down? Would you like to be the Master of your life again?
SHEDs+ - Simple Habits Every Day - is the simplest and most user-friendly habit changing and routine creating app on the...

Nudge for clients
Nudge for clients
Nudge for clients

Nudge for clients

Nudge, LLC

Nudge makes it easy to connect to the support you need to reach your goals.

Listen... We all know an app can't change your lifestyle for you. But if you’re reading this, then you’re ready to the crucial next step in your journey to better yourself.

Nudge for clients is a safe,...

Transform | Healthy Lifestyle
Transform | Healthy Lifestyle
Transform | Healthy Lifestyle

Transform | Healthy Lifestyle

Blue Mesa Health Inc.

The Transform app is available to anyone participating in the Transform lifestyle change program.

-Chat with your coach and Transform community group!

-Work through 25 interactive lessons based on the CDC's proven curriculum (all the best info on nutrition, physical activity, and how to sustain healthy behaviors).

-Track your food with the app.


Kinsa Smart Stick
Kinsa Smart Stick
Kinsa Smart Stick

Kinsa Smart Stick

Transform Health Inc.

Let Kinsa guide you from the first sign of sickness through recovery and beyond! As seen in Apple’s “Parenthood” commercial.

Easily track temperatures, symptoms and medication for each family member. Remember details such as when symptoms began, how high the fever got, or when to give another dose of medication and...

DNA Health Tracker
DNA Health Tracker
DNA Health Tracker

DNA Health Tracker

Aspect Health Inc.

The most advanced health console for your mobile device, DNA Health Tracker works at the level of your DNA, allowing users to take their raw genetic data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA or Family Tree DNA and create personalized health reports that will help you live right for your genotype.

DNA Health Tracker...

ActiveDay – Activity Study
ActiveDay – Activity Study
ActiveDay – Activity Study

ActiveDay – Activity Study

Freeus, LLC

With ActiveDay Study, you can share anonymous study data to help develop technology solutions that support aging in place with confidence.

In as little as 5 activity sessions you will provide our researchers with a significant amount of important anonymous data, all without the need to alter your daily routine....

Health Tracker
Health Tracker
Health Tracker

Health Tracker


Health Tracker is a iPhone application that will calculate a number of different health measurements including:

* Calculate BMI
* Calculate Waist to Height Ratio
* Calculate Waist to Hip Ratio
* Calculate Resting Calorie requirement (BMR)

It will also allows you to store results so you can see changes over time.

Health Tracker can handle...

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Tactio Health Group Inc.

Both apps to end January 31, 2020

This notice contains important information. Please read this notice carefully; it contains time-sensitive information that may require you to take action.

- Tactio Health and Target Weight apps will be shut down on January 31, 2020.
- Data you have in your account will be deleted effective January 31, 2020. If you wish to keep the data in your account, you need to take action now to transfer that data from your account.

Please take appropriate action to move your data or information you may have stored in your account. To help customers that wish to export their data, several options are available and described below.

If you are using an app (mobile, web, etc.) that is dependent on the Tactio Health or Target Weight apps, such applications may also stop working once the apps are shut down. Please reach out to the Application provider for information on their plans.

If you have questions regarding this communication, please do not hesitate to reach out to the [email protected] or go to

The Tactio Health Team

Habits.Tracker for Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle

Habits.Tracker for Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle

Siarhei Marozau

ON SALE! 30% OFF! A life changing app. Break bad habits and build good ones. MONEY BACK if it does not work for you!
Download app and start seeing your results in a week or less!

Satisfaction guaranteed and proved by thousands of happy users:
5***** - “This app keeps me on track... It takes about 21 days to break a habit or form a new one…see your progress by the week and by the month.”
5***** - “…phenomenally designed, practically laid out, and superbly effective at helping you develop the habits you want to control your life…”
5***** - “…help you form good habits and break or at least keep an eye on bad ones…works just the way it should…”

* Featured by Apple in PRODUCTIVITY in multiple countries! *

Still fighting your bad habits? Thousands of people have changed their lives already! They got slimmer, quitted smoking, started to take exercises, pills or water regularly. Hundreds of habits - one solution!

What's the secret ingredient inside?
#1. Habit is the only app in the AppStore that enable you to change bad and good habits in such a gentle way. Step by step, with no obligations to change habit at one time - your bad habits loose control over you and good ones become part of you life.
#2. Habit is so much flexible and easy to use you'll be amazed. No complicated stuff inside, no complex settings. Add a habit and start changing it in 15 sec or less! Forgot adding previous records? No worry - do it you when your prefer - you can edit previous days records any time. Reminders will help you to bring you back to the righteous route ;-)

Optimized for iOS 9, tailored to work on your latest iPhone and iPod.

Why choosing this app?
- Splitting your good or bad habit breaking process into smaller parts enable you to change your wonts gently
- Individual habit reminders tell you on time what you planned to do
- Trend reports just in the way you expect
- Simple, yet feature rich app that needs no time to learn and minimum to monitor habits

Main Features:
- unlimited habits to track simultaneously
- up to 6 check-ins per day for one habit
- flexible scheduling of habit breaking
- individual reminder time for each habit
- particular sounds with bad or good habit reminders
- icon badges and notification banners
- week- or month-view habit journal
- intuitive habit check-in and quick adding of habit notes
- short (7 days)/medium (12 weeks)/long (1 year) term reports
- concise visualization of trends: bar/line, percentage/absolute view
- habit progress sharing
- friendly interface and premium feel

Join our successful habit building communities:

Plan to change your lifestyle or break negative habits? Get a kick-start right now with Habit, your personal self-improvement tool, and watch yourself become a new person day by day!
Thank you for your concerns and questions. If you like using this app, please invest a minute to rate the app or write a review - it will help. We appreciate your feedback and are constantly working to make the app better.

Carb and Move

Carb and Move

Karazel Balance Inc.

Carb and Move assists the food and exercise management by giving insight into food calories, carbs and their speed of absorption to better match the meals with the activity level.

Carb and Move tracks the energy balance in daily exercises and meals, helping users in achieving weight loss, staying physically active and maintaining carb/calories discipline. Towards that, the app relies on how the post-meal blood glucose level is impacted by: carbs (due to the glycemic index and glycemic load of a meal) and exercise (due to the intensity and post-meal timing). The app helps organize activities and eventually save time in doing healthy lifestyle and meal decisions.

Users benefit from flexible exercise and energy balance goals that either are recurring daily or that track specific events. The exercise goals can be expressed in terms of step count, calory expenditure or the duration of exercises. A finely grained distinction between ten different speeds of walking and running allows users to monitor activity progress, and provide finely tunes account on the type and intensity of exercise. The exercise tracking employs a precise algorithm for motion recognition and detailed binning of speeds for users ranging from early to the advanced age. Workouts can be specified in terms of step, calory and duration goals, with all the detailed speed binning.

To improve goal tracking, the meal goals can be dynamically adjustable depending on the history of meals consumption in the day, as well as the current exercise routine. Close exercise and meal tracking improves the execution of the weight-loss plan supported by the app.

Carbs counting in meals is a crucial feature for weight loss and (pre-) diabetes control. Depending on the diet plan or a need for blood glucose control, carbs counting can either include or exclude dietary fiber. Further, the in-built food library of over 5000 common food items provides detailed nutritional information including glycemic index and load.

For each food item, as well as for a complete meal, the app provides energy-equivalent exercise samples to offset the calories content of the food. In this way, the app can help to reduce undesired post-meal blood sugar peaks by suggesting targeted exercises. In particular, the app uses the amount of consumes carbs as well as the glycemic index and glycemic load to propose the exercise routine for lowering the post-meal blood glucose peak caused by a particular meal taken. Further, reporting the approximate glycemic index and load for all the food items in the in-built Food Library can contribute to meal selection matching the post meal activities.

To reinforce the correlation between the food, exercise routine and daily energy balance, a detailed graphical display visualizes the food intake and exercise data at different levels of granularity (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.). The visualization of the relation between the food and exercise throughout the program can help to make food choices more appropriate for the daily activities level. In particular, a detailed analysis of food nutrients and characteristics such as glycemic index and load is helpful in associating types of food with the post meal physical activities. Meal items are shown that color the glycemic index chart.

The app is providing maximum autonomy and privacy for the users, as no data of any kind is kept online or anywhere outside their phones. No signup to any online server is needed. The database consisting initially of 5000+ common meal items is accessible always, does not depend on network connections and can be easily augmented with users’ preferred food. The app runs uninterruptedly in the background and works iPhones or iPods that don’t posses a motion coprocessor. Finally, the app is advertisement-free.