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Buying From An Independent Source

Instead of shopping those big name stores check out these places to find a great deal.

eBay: The shopping marketplace
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods
Mercari: Your Marketplace
Prettyr: Buy and Sell Fashion & Beauty Products

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Personalized home shopping
eBay: The shopping marketplace

eBay: The shopping marketplace

eBay Inc.

Set up a store to auction off your goods or browse around for a great deal of your own.

eBay offers easy selling options with a custom store page, auto-fill product details, and notifications. For buyers, eBay offers alerts, order tracking, and instant buying. The app includes products in a large variety of categories.

Browse and shop
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods

Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods

Etsy, Inc.

Shop and sell creative and handmade goods securely and easily.

Etsy offers several categories for buying and selling from accessories and art to toys and wedding items. Sellers can use the Sell on Etsy app for free and buyers can use Etsy to find unique items from around the world.

Also Good

Apps with average score

Mercari: Your Marketplace
Mercari: Your Marketplace

Browse new and used items or sell your own products to a large community.

Mercari: Your Marketplace

Mercari: Your Marketplace

Mercari, Inc.

With Mercari, you can shop for electronics, jewelry, clothing, and more. Browse new or used products, create listings to sell your own items, and track your sales.




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Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

DaWanda - Shop Unique Gifts

DaWanda - Shop Unique Gifts

DaWanda GmbH

Get inspired and discover unique, handmade products and gifts in our new DaWanda App!

DaWanda, the online marketplace for handmade, DIY and Design products, is proud to present our new shopping-app. The app is just in time for Christmas, and makes looking for presents and shipping with your smart phone super simple.

Our DaWanda-App has undergone a complete design rehaul and we present an app in a new look with improved functionality which allow you to easily browse through our 5 million products from over 300000 shops without the need to register. Get inspired by our Style-Experts and shop securely on the go with our various payment options.

Install now our free DaWanda App with following features:

Find over 5 million products from more than 300.000 Shops and discover without registration Products from following categories: Fashion, Jewellry, Home&Living, Baby or Vintage.

Just in time for the holiday season, our app will feature all kinds of themes and ideas to inspire your Christmas shopping. Of course the app isn’t just for Christmas, we update it regularly with seasonal themes, trends and new inspiration from around the world.

Our new messaging functionality allows you to ask questions about products or communicate with your buyers easily.

It looks like a chat now and offers an easy overview about the message history to every of your orders.

We improved the presentation of our products. It´s now easy to refine and filter in product lists and find products of your favorite shop by just clicking on the shop.

On our Product Detail Pages you can find now all important information and details about measurements, production methods, customization options or shipping methods like our DaWada Express items which are dispatched extra quickly. Find high resolution and enhanced product images with a Zoom in function which allows you to check on important details such as fabric texture

Shopping with DaWanda is easy and secure – just choose one of our various payment methods like paypal.

Do you have questions about the DaWanda app. feedback, or ideas for how we can improve it? Let our support team know and write us an email at [email protected]! More information can be found at

Do you like the DaWanda app? Rate our app in the Apple store.

About DaWanda:
DaWanda is an online marketplace for unique and handmade products. Going against the grain of industrialised and mass produced products, DaWanda provides a focus point for people who appreciate special and individual pieces and are interested in products from the world of Fashion, Jewellery and Living. At more than 300,000 designers have more than 5 million products on offer.

Our terms of use:
Our privacy policy:

Find out more about DaWanda at

Thinges: Shop Artisanal, Handmade & Personalised Goods

Thinges: Shop Artisanal, Handmade & Personalised Goods

Cheryl Liew

Shop our Asian marketplace for unique artisanal, handmade, customisable, and vintage goods.

Let Thinges widen your eyes and discover all the awesome handmade products of the region. Be it previously unknown traditional crafters or bohemian new-age makers, through Thinges, you can find out about their story and have the opportunity to own a piece of their work.

Shop for bespoke gifts, unique handmade jewellery, independent label clothing, artisanal ornaments and furniture, unavailable elsewhere in the world.

Nothing on Thinges is mass-manufactured. Shop at ease knowing everything you buy is handmade with love. In fact, many of the independent brands on Thinges are social businesses. This means the business is either built around a cause (e.g. a designer working with disadvantaged women in Cambodia) or pledging a certain percentage of their profits to one (e.g. animal society).

At Thinges, we strongly believe that social businesses are the way to go for making the world a better place. Every time you shop on Thinges, you are casting a vote in support of the makers’ movement and the kind of world you want to live in.

Asia’s finest artisanal and handcrafted goods at your finger tips:

-Be amazed by curated recommendations personalised to your desires
-Find out about the story behind each crafter and product
-Chat with crafters and store owners for more information and customisation options
-Checkout swiftly and securely with PayPal

If you are a crafter or artisanal goods seller, our free Sell Thinges app has everything thing you need to manage your store: list products, process orders, view your store stats, and more.

Visit our support page: