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If You Are Keeping Up With News Around The World

These apps are just what your are looking for when you want to know what's happening around the globe that impacts daily lives.

CBN News - Breaking World News
RTÉ News Now
France 24 - World News 24/7
Gulf News
CBN News - Breaking World News

CBN News - Breaking World News

The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc

Stay informed on world breaking news from a Christian perspective - CBN News brings you today’s top headlines. All the latest national and international news, 24 hours a day.

Be current on all world exclusive news with CBN's team of journalists who are dedicated to timely, in-depth, and truthful reporting, always providing you with coverage you won’t see anywhere else.

Keep up with stories of faith from every corner of the globe, from our nation’s capital to Israel to issues related to the church worldwide.

- Breaking news as it happens.
- Experience all the latest news through extensively covered stories, exclusive photos and news videos.
- Get exclusive reporting from Washington D.C., Jerusalem and other locations around the world that impact the global Christian community.
- Stay tuned on the following topics: National Security, Politics, Entertainment and Health
- Watch your favorite shows anytime - free.
- Stay current with the live news channel that's available 24/7 and completely free.

This exciting re-design of our app comes with the following new features:

- Pray the news! The new prayer feature allows you to pray for each story while keeping track of your prayers.
- A new user interface providing fast, streamlined delivery of content in an easy-to-access format
- Full-featured article views with embedded rich multimedia content
- A dedicated video section with the ability to watch and browse additional clips simultaneously
- Real-time breaking news and other important news alerts
- Special News Features delivering related content and live video during special CBN News events
- Easy to set typeface available for those who want to view content in larger print
- Watch full episodes of CBN News shows such as Faith Nation, Christian World News, Global Lane, Jerusalem Dateline, Newswatch and Studio 5

Other features:

- Find content fast! The app’s news feed will provide you with breaking headlines so you can stay informed at first glance. You can always search for your own topics of interest by utilizing the Search option.
- Push notifications for exclusive and breaking news stories.
- Share stories in a single tap to your social networks, send them via email, SMS, Viber or WhatsApp to a friend
- Settings to allow the app to automatically update in the background.
- Hassle free communication with CBN support.

You can choose to unsubscribe from push notifications from CBN News in your device’s ‘Notifications’ settings.

Privacy guaranteed:

- No other personal data relating to you is processed.
- The CBN will keep your information secure in accordance with the CBN’s Privacy and Cookies - Notice. To read the CBN’s Privacy Notice go to

Anews Inc.

Fast and easy way of reading NEWS from websites, online newspapers, magazines, blogs and social networks on your mobile iOS devices. News aggregator Anews lets you add as many publishers as you like (literally any RSS feed: publications, magazines, media channels, blogs, pages, broadcasts) and view them all in a single app. Now available in the United States of America!

USA news and World news in one place. Recent publications and latest stories, independent media and objective analysis, thematic headings, sections and feeds.

Anews is all about politics and economics, business and finance, events and digests, reports and analytics, photo and video galleries. Science and culture, art and recipes. Entertainment, recreation and tourism. Computers and devices, games and technology, innovations and inventions. Sports: Olympics, soccer, American football, rugby, polo, golf and many more. Weather forеcast, currency, prices and stocks. Showbiz and fashion, celebrity photos. Tabloids and photos of media stars. Jobs, real estate and many more...

Stay up to date with what's happening around you!

You won't need any more to open lots of apps, websites, blogs and social media one by one! Just choose topics you are interested in and your favorite publishers, and enjoy them all in our 100% FREE news combiner Anews!

List of Useful Features in Anews:

1) The main feature of our app is the ability to edit and personalize the news feed by adding and removing categories and sources. You can connect any global or regional media (New York news, LA, Washington etc.) ;
2) Real-time sync (synchronization). Every hour and every minute you'll get the freshest news;
3) Push-notifications will inform you about the most recent and important stories, and built-in search engine will help you find and connect RSS feeds even if they are not on our list;
4) News don't have to be all about politics! Choose topics you like - thematic or regional media, blogs, communities - just any RSS channels;
5) In Anews app you can save your favorite news and return to them later;
6) In our app you can comment on any material. Yet, if you are not a fan of comments you can simply disable comments from settings menu;
7) Various modes for viewing pages - reading mode, website mode etc.

Anews is available not only on your phone or tablet, but also on the web. Visit our site and read your favorite customized newsfeed on

Contact our Five Star support and feel free to leave your comments about Anews: [email protected]

Millions of users read us daily - JOIN THEM NOW!

Aviation International News

Aviation International News

AIN Publications

Based on the award-winning and industry-leading print publications, Aviation International News, AIN Convention News, and AIN Airshow News this application provides in-depth, up-to-date news and features about the latest events and trends in business and commercial aviation from around the world.

AIN is updated each month and the convention and airshow issues are updated on a daily basis during each show. A library of past issues is available to download. This interactive, digital edition brings you extra content, exciting videos from AINtv, and innovative advertising, all coupled with the interactivity of your tablet.

RTÉ News Now

RTÉ News Now


Stay up-to-date on all the latest Irish national and international news with the RTÉ News Now app for iPhone and iPad

This free app offers all the latest headlines, breaking news, live news bulletins, latest sport results, entertainment updates, audio, video, weather & more.

- Latest national and international news and analysis from RTÉ
- Breaking news push notifications
- Audio & video clips
- Watch RTÉ New Now channel live
- Personalise your news feed with more than 25 content categories to choose from
- Read offline
- Save stories to read later
- Synchronise your news feed across multiple devices

France 24 - World News 24/7

France 24 - World News 24/7

France Medias Monde

Download France 24’s free app for 24-hour coverage of world news – in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Access our full range of reports, live feeds and exclusive features on the latest version of our app, which takes in user insight to offer smoother navigation, cutting-edge multimedia contents and in-depth analysis from our trusted team of international journalists.
If you're interested in world news – share your views! Pick and choose from our articles, special reports, live TV coverage, on-demand TV programs and share them with the variety of social network tools at your fingertips.

• 24-hour live coverage of world news

• Explore the top stories and trending topics in French and international news, with commentary and analysis from our teams in Paris and around the world
• Enjoy easy access to all our articles, videos, reports and TV shows in French, English, Arabic and Spanish
• Focus on the news from your areas of interest: Africa, Americas, Business, Sport etc.

• Watch the latest news programmes and subtitled bulletins on demand
• Catch up on your favourite TV shows and all our video contents
• Find France 24’s exclusive reports and feature programmes

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• Twitter:
• Instagram:
• YouTube:
• Dailymotion:
• Soundcloud:

Rate the app and send us your feedback - we will use it to improve our service.
Contact us here:

France 24 is part of the France Médias Monde group, which includes Radio France Internationale (RFI) and Monte Carlo Doualiya (MCD)

Gulf News

Gulf News

Gulf News

Gulf News is the No.1 English language newspaper of record for the UAE and the GCC region. From our highly respected journalists we bring you our new app, designed to make it easier to get breaking news and personalise your feed with the latest updates, insight and analysis.

What’s New
• New sleek design
• Faster, more precise search
• Personalise your top stories news feed
• Exclusive content for app users
• Rich media notifications bring you breaking news fast without opening the app
• Local Cinema Listings
• New branding and logo

UK Today - Local & International News

UK Today - Local & International News

Newsfusion Ltd.

Your One-Stop-Shop for all UK News! News from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland gathered for you from all around the web, in one place! Get your general news, your finance news, your political news, your entertainment news, your sports news, Brexit, The Royals or any other topics easily within the app!
We assure you - you will have no need for any other news source once you download this app!

What does this app include -

- Full coverage of the whole UK area - we have gathered for you dozens of news sources from around the web, and brought them to you in a simple, well designed app for your convenience. If a certain story was covered by more than one source, the app will group them together, and you can choose which source, or sources, you would like to read it from! No story will appear twice!

- Push Notifications for prominent stories and/or your favorite topics (optional)! In this busy world, we will notify you when something extremely important is going on!

- Your very own news feed - a smart topics management system allows you to choose your favorite topics/categories, block completely topics that don't interest you, and choose topics you want to get notifications about! A news feed created by you, especially for you.

- Videos curated from leading Youtube channels about whatever is going on in the UK!

- Read later - save interesting stories easily and for free!

- Join the community! Post stories or polls, comment on stories, share articles and videos, and tag articles!

- Block source - filter out unwanted sources

iPhone Only Features -

- Collapsed mode - an effective reading mode! Skim through the news and decide what you want to read, save or share!

Enjoying the app? Not satisfied? Whatever it is - we’re waiting to hear from you. Please write us what’s on your mind to [email protected]

Use of the Newsfusion Application is governed by the Newsfusion Terms of Use (

Punjabi News - Top News in Punjabi, English, and Hindi

Punjabi News - Top News in Punjabi, English, and Hindi

Vimal Singh

Punjabi Newspapers is your personal newspaper app. Filled with news, stories and useful information, it's your single stop to keep up to date with the world. News in both Punjabi and English languages is available within the app.

There are over 25 newspapers feeds for you to select from. Some of the popular newspapers included in the app are:

1. Punjab Tribune
2. Times of India
3. Indian Express
4. Sikh24
5. Daily Punjab Times
6. Punjab Post
7. Charhdikala
8. Punjabi Express (Australia)
9. The Tribune

Edit the newspapers you like to read by clicking the pencil icon. Delete the newspapers you don't want, don't worry, you can always add them back.

Rearrange the newspapers as per your choice. It's your personal news engine and you are in control of how and what you want to read. To rearrange newspapers, simply click & hold the icon that show three parallel lines and move the newspaper up or down.

When you need to add more newspapers or add the ones that you deleted previously from your reading list just click the "+" icon in the top right corner. Tick all the newspapers you want to read.

What's news reading in today's world when you can't share it on social media or email or Whatsapp? To share news, just click the share icon that's on the top right corner of each news description and share it!

Never get tired of seeing the same color theme for your app. You can choose from 5 available color theme choices. Click the 'i' or information icon from the top navigation bar and choose the theme color of your choice.

A few quick navigation points:

-- To read detailed news, you could always click the 'Click to Read' button at the bottom of each short news description or just click the news headline.

-- Change the theme color by clicking the 'i' or info icon.

-- Swipe each news article up or down to read the next or previous news item