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eGlobal Mashup, LLC

HearMyAccent is the world's only dating app for singles who love singles with accents! HEAR other singles' accents, SEE their photos, and MESSAGE singles in your own locale. (FREE) And, remember, everyone has an accent, even you!

Hearing the person's voice instead of just viewing photos when you are swiping to search for a possible match is fun and exciting. Having the ability to do so can also result in a better match. (Must be single and 18+. Otherwise, do not download.)

Download HearMyAccent now and spread the word. If you enjoy our app, swipe right and select "Share HearMyAccent" at the bottom of the screen to share with other singles. Thanks so much for sharing.

You can login through Facebook OR you can create a separate login.  After doing that for the first time, you'll be prompted to record an audio clip of your accent (make sure your microphone is enabled in your iPhone settings) that attaches to your profile for other users to hear. (You can edit your greeting in the app very easily.)

Yes, even Americans have accents.  We call it American-Regional if you speak English with a New York, Boston, Southern or other U.S. location based accent. If you identify your accent based on where you were raised in another country, you might speak English with a British, Hispanic, Australian, Korean, Indian or other accent.

Record and talk about your hobbies, sports you might enjoy, things you like to do on a first date, or your cultural heritage. Then select your desired radius, age range, gender self-identification, and which accent (or ALL accents) you choose to search for and start swiping!  Once you see a user to whom you are attracted, just click on the black right arrow button on the bottom of the person's profile card to hear the person's accent!  You will love hearing other singles' accents!

Once matched, both users will have the ability to write each other and record voice messages to get to know each other.  JOIN FOR FREE TODAY and find those singles who have those sexy accents you just adore!  (You never know, you might just find that one special person who becomes your life long partner.)