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Mealplan: Meal Prep Made Easy
Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes
FoodPrint™ for CGM by Nutrino
Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker
5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner

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Mealplan: Meal Prep Made Easy
Mealplan: Meal Prep Made Easy


Fitplan Technologies Inc

Let fitness expert Michelle Lewin help plan those healthy meals

Optimize your nutrition with personalized meal plans based on your lifestyle.

Just tell us your goals and eating preferences (vegetarian and vegan plans available), and we’ll do the rest! Try it FREE for one week.

Your personalized meal plan includes:
• Your daily calorie target
• Your personal macro breakdown
• Your weekly grocery list
• Hundreds of healthy recipes from our Nutrition Experts

Recipes and guidance...

Browse through ideas
Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes

Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes

Mealime Meal Plans Inc

Get delicious, healthy meals planned out for you that take just 30 minutes or less.

We do not always have the time to search for new recipes much less commit to those that take an hour to prepare. Mealime is a handy app that provides fast meals based on what you like, are allergic to, and how many people you are feeding.

FoodPrint™ for CGM by Nutrino
FoodPrint™ for CGM by Nutrino

FoodPrint™ for CGM by Nutrino

Nutrino Health Ltd

Achieve optimal glucose control by tracking and understanding how every aspect of your day affects your blood glucose

Achieve optimal glucose control by tracking and understanding how every aspect of your day affects your blood glucose. Nutrino syncs straight to your CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor or Flash Glucose Monitor) and allows you to note and understand patterns in your blood glucose. Looking to see how your insulin to carb ratio is working? Wondering how your next workout will...

How Are You Doing
Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker


Lifesum AB

It's All Here

If you've been looking for an all-in-one fitness and food tracker, you've come to the right place with Lifesum. This freemium app offers everything you need to live better ... and longer.

5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner
5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner

5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner

TI Media Limited


For those on the 5:2 diet (eat under 500 calories two days per week), the 5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner is a must-have. The app features over 100 recipes including family-friendly dinners and single servings for complete meal planning options.

Plantry - Meal Plans & Recipes
Plantry - Meal Plans & Recipes


Filibaba AB

Planning your meals with Plantry helps you save time, eat healthier, and save money

Planning your meals with Plantry helps you save time, eat healthier, and save money. Enjoy tasty dinners with our non-googlable recipes that are good for you – and good for the planet.

• Includes a plethora of delicious meal plans
• Substitute any day’s meal with other options, or write in your own
• Learn to cook...

Eat This Much - Meal Planner
Eat This Much - Meal Planner

Eat This Much

Eat This Much Inc

For those looking for a personal diet assistant.

Put your diet on autopilot with Eat This Much. Tell us your diet goals, the foods you like, your budget, and what your schedule looks like, and we'll automatically generate a complete meal plan to meet your targets. It's like having a personal diet assistant.

We offer both free accounts and premium accounts. As a free user, you can create a...

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Mediterranean Diet - Meal Plan
Mediterranean Diet - Meal Plan
Mediterranean Diet - Meal Plan

Mediterranean Diet - Meal Plan


Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan - get healthy, feel good, lose weight.

**How will the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan help you?

It’s all about eating whole foods, and skipping any processed foods. With the meal plan making all of the right choices (hand-picked meal plans - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks...

Fitberry - Healthy Diet Recipe
Fitberry - Healthy Diet Recipe
Fitberry - Healthy Diet Recipe

Fitberry - Healthy Diet Recipe

Riafy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Healthy food is a part of a healthy lifestyle. A diet with essential nutrients, vitamins and calories help maintain a healthy body. Cooking and eating healthy recipes is a must for fitness and well being. Fitberry provides you the best collection of tried and tested healthy recipes. They help keep...

Meal Planner Pal
Meal Planner Pal
Meal Planner Pal

Meal Planner Pal

Gregg Evans

Meal Planner Pal is a simple, easy to use, customizable meal planning tool.

It is designed to take away the hassle of planning your meals, using features such as customisable meal templates, a grocery list and calorie tracker.

The focus is where it should be - creating a meal plan.

Feature highlights are:


Dinner Planner
Dinner Planner
Dinner Planner

Dinner Planner

Heidi Brebels

Dinner planner is a handy and fun tool to help you plan your weekly dinners and keep a collection of what you like to eat.

You can plan as many meals in advance as you want to, add meal categories and comments about the meals. You can also specify the...

Create Your Physique
Create Your Physique
Create Your Physique

Create Your Physique

Create Your Physique

Welcome to Create Your Physique... an application built for everyone.

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current weight, shape your toned physique into a lean physique, or want to build muscle…CYP was made just for you.

CYP will build your meal plan based on foods you choose, show...

Menu Planner
Menu Planner
Menu Planner

Menu Planner

InnovaDev, LLC

Easily create meal plans for yourself or others and track nutritional information per meal. Manage your own recipes and import new ones from popular recipe web sites. Keep track of what you have in your pantry (and how many), and integrate it all into your shopping list in one application!...

30 Day Whole Foods Meal Plan
30 Day Whole Foods Meal Plan
30 Day Whole Foods Meal Plan

30 Day Whole Foods Meal Plan


Following the 30 day challenge with our meal plan is a life saver! You won’t have to worry anymore about what to eat or what not to eat. This Meal Plan app does all the work for you.

When you eat only whole foods something amazing happens - your innate...

The Fast Metabolism Diet
The Fast Metabolism Diet
The Fast Metabolism Diet

The Fast Metabolism Diet

Brainstorming Session Inc.

**Companion to the #1 NY Times Bestsellers!** All the planning tools you need to lose weight on the 28-day Fast Metabolism Diet without counting calories, carbs, or fat grams! The Fast Metabolism Diet App is your companion to the book and cookbook by celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant Haylie Pomroy....

South Beach Diet Recipes
South Beach Diet Recipes

For meals and snacks, if you are on the South Beach diet, this is your app.

South Beach Diet Recipes

South Beach Diet Recipes

App Ktchn Ltd

South Beach Diet Recipes & Meal Planner offers many recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. With photos, calories per person, ingredients, and instructions, you will be cooking in no time.

Low-Carb Diet & Meal Planner
Low-Carb Diet & Meal Planner
Low-Carb Diet & Meal Planner

Low-Carb Diet & Meal Planner

Jommi UG (haftungsbeschrankt)

Never worry about how many carbs you’re eating again! With this simple-to-use app, you’re just seconds from discovering the exact carb count contained in all your favorite foods.
With a database of over 40,000 common and brand-name food items, calculating your carb intake has never been easier.

≡ SHOP &...

My Paleo Cafe-Easy Diet Plan
My Paleo Cafe-Easy Diet Plan
My Paleo Cafe-Easy Diet Plan

My Paleo Cafe-Easy Diet Plan

My Paleo Cafe makes it EASY to figure out what to eat to lose and maintain your weight while following Paleo principles! We’ve done ALL the work for you from weight loss to weight maintenance. We’ve calculated the carbs, put together the meals, and even anticipated your food preferences. Chart...

Healthy Eating Meal Planner
Healthy Eating Meal Planner
Healthy Eating Meal Planner

Healthy Eating Meal Planner


Eating clean has never been easier. You won’t have to worry anymore about what to eat or what not to eat. The Clean Eating Meal Plan does all the work for you.

This plan has helped hundreds of people get on track with eating right, losing weight and feeling 100x...

FoodPlanner App
FoodPlanner App
FoodPlanner App

FoodPlanner App


Keep an integrated meal plan, grocery list, inventory and recipe collection that can sync to the cloud across multiple platforms!

Food Planner allows you to quickly plan your daily meals using a selection of recipes downloaded from all of your favorite cooking blogs and recipe sites. Easily plan breakfasts, lunches,...



Ray Bernardo

Store your recipes, create meal plans and grocery lists, keep track of your pantry inventory. All in one app!

Recipe Management
• Import recipes from recipe websites, or add you own recipes
• Organize recipe by categories
• Search recipes by name or ingredient
• Scale your recipe by specifying the number of servings you...

3 Day Cleanse - High Raw Food Meal Plan
3 Day Cleanse - High Raw Food Meal Plan
3 Day Cleanse - High Raw Food Meal Plan

3 Day Cleanse - High Raw Food Meal Plan

Nibble Apps Ltd

Start your new year in the best way possible with our 3 Day Cleanse.

With delicious smoothies, juices, salads, soups and meals, we've got everything you need to feel your best.

Our focus in this app is to detox your liver, removing harmful toxins and giving it the nutrients it needs to...

3 Day Military Diet
3 Day Military Diet
3 Day Military Diet

3 Day Military Diet


Need to lose a few pounds in a hurry? The 3 Day Military Diet can help.

It's not a long term lifestyle change but a short term, disciplined approach to knocking a few pounds off. This popular diet can help you look hot in a swim suit for the weekend, prepare...

Weight Loss Meal Plan App
Weight Loss Meal Plan App
Weight Loss Meal Plan App

Weight Loss Meal Plan App


Losing weight is hard to do without knowledge of what to eat and where to find recipes. Well, we’ve got you covered with our weekly meal plan full of healthy, delicious and balanced meals.

Whether you're trying to lose weight for health reasons or just to look good in a...

Thyroid Diet- Juicing&Eating Plan for Weight Loss
Thyroid Diet- Juicing&Eating Plan for Weight Loss
Thyroid Diet- Juicing&Eating Plan for Weight Loss

Thyroid Diet- Juicing&Eating Plan for Weight Loss

Joe Cross

With complete meal plans and recipes, our app guides you towards your weight loss goals, even if you struggle with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's disease.

All juice and food recipes are thyroid-friendly, delicious, and developed by certified nutritionists.

Insightful videos cover thyroid health, weight loss tips, maintenance guidance, and healthy...

Kudolife - 7 Day Healthy Meal Plans & Recipes
Kudolife - 7 Day Healthy Meal Plans & Recipes
Kudolife - 7 Day Healthy Meal Plans & Recipes

Kudolife - 7 Day Healthy Meal Plans & Recipes

Kudolife App Inc.

Kudolife is a personalised healthy 7-day meal plan and nutrition app. In addition, it is also an activity tracker, calorie counter and glucose monitor.

***Healthy Meal Plans***

Get the benefit of having a variety of healthy meal plans provided to you. All 7-day plans are nutrient balance and are personalize to your...




Healthy eating, simplified. Achieve your health & fitness goals with custom-designed meal plans and grocery lists tailored to you.

Personalized meal plans for any lifestyle: Paleo, Gluten Free, Weight Loss, Kid Friendly, Vegetarian, Vegan, Low Carb, Low Fat, Diabetic & Prediabetic, Low FODMAP and more.

1) Take the lifestyle quiz...

Drizzle Me Skinny - WW Recipes
Drizzle Me Skinny - WW Recipes
Drizzle Me Skinny - WW Recipes

Drizzle Me Skinny - WW Recipes

Kate Cross

Are you following weight watchers and looking for some friendly recipes to have handy? With over 100 weight watcher low point recipes, this cookbook app is for you.

Drizzle Me Skinny has ideas for any meal including breakfast, dinner, dessert and lots of baking recipes as well as snack ideas. All...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

MakeMyPlate - Weight loss & healthy diet meal plan

MakeMyPlate - Weight loss & healthy diet meal plan


Make My Plate is a new, simple visual meal planner. It’s the best way to lose weight through healthy eating.
Pre-made healthy eating plans with thousands of low calorie meals, a personalized healthy grocery list, and community support which will make your life easier, and keep you motivated.

** Diet plans with healthy meal ideas - created by registered dietitians and nutritionists.
** Food variety - healthy alternative plates and products for every meal to suit your personal taste.
** A Visual meal planner with a weekly menu - a guide which will help you control your food portions on your
** Balanced plates - all meals contains essential nutrients and are calculated for their calories, fat, protein and
** A Healthy Grocery list for every meal plan - helps you organize your eating plan and makes your shopping
experience fun and easy.
** Restaurant menu suggestions - mange your diet even when dining out and still achieve your weight loss
** A Live support group - provides you with guidance and support your needs in real time.
** Simple recipes for healthy cooking - created exclusively by our registered dietitians and nutritionists for
every meal plan.
** Healthy tips & meal reminders - keeps you motivated and on track, helps you control those cravings and
build your new healthy habits.

Make My Plate is the visual diet planner that acts as your weight loss coach. download it today, select your healthy eating plan and experience nutrition in a whole new way

Ace Your Diet: Healthy Meal Plans for Easy Weight Loss and Realistic Lifestyle Change

Ace Your Diet: Healthy Meal Plans for Easy Weight Loss and Realistic Lifestyle Change

erin spitzberg

Get three meal plans in a single app! Whether you are looking to lose 10 pounds or make long term lifestyle changes, Ace Your Diet is your one-stop-shop for weight loss. Choose from one of three meal plans or take a survey and Ace Your Diet will guide you to the right plan. Move easily between plans as your needs change.

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Erin Spitzberg spent years hand crafting these meal plans and has helped thousands succeed at weight loss. Using the Ace Your Diet Meal Plans is like having your own expert Dietitian at your disposal 24/7. Ace Your Diet will provide you with weekly tips and daily notifications to keep you on track and in-the-know on some of the best secrets for weight loss.

• Three comprehensive easy to follow meal plans, each with a different focus:
1. Quick Start (free with download): Aggressive approach to jumpstart weight loss and cleanse your body of processed foods
2. Eat to Lose Exchange: A way of life meal plan offering a variety of options with the goal of never feeling deprived
3. Crush the Carbs: A lower carbohydrate, higher protein meal plan aimed at eliminating cravings and controlling hunger
• An overview of each meal plan
• Everyday list of must have’s and must avoid’s
• Diet daily must do’s
• Suggested shopping list for each meal plan
• Survey to guide you to the appropriate meal plan if you don’t know where to start
• FINALLY, an easy to use tracking method to keep you accountable and organized in way of meeting your daily goals – no more hunting through lengthy databases of foods in search of the item you ate
• Weight history graph to keep you motivated and up to date on your progress
• Weekly tips developed by Erin Spitzberg
• Daily notifications reminding you to stay focused
• Achievement screen to view your week at –a- glance with ability to share achievements with friends and family

About Erin Spitzberg:
Erin Spitzberg has been a Registered Dietitian for nearly two decades and dedicates her time to customizing the right meal plan for her clients. Her goal is to motivate them to make better food choices by providing ‘real-life’ meal plans. Erin has seen such great success with these meal plans, she wanted to make them available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Follow us:
Facebook,Ace Your Diet
[email protected]
Customer support: [email protected]

Fitway Workouts & Meal Plans

Fitway Workouts & Meal Plans

Martijn Gun

Have you tried different efforts to lose your eight or build muscle, but didn't succeed yet? Then Fitway will provide you a personal food and workout program just like a professional personal trainer without any high costs!

We don't promise you with false magic. We don't do anything different than a personal trainer. Rather we will keep it simple by telling you exactly what to eat and the workouts you need to perform. All build by proven mythologies and scientific studies.

When you open the app you will see a short introduction video explaining the theory behind our app and what makes Fitway different. After the introduction you will be asked with few simple questions, like your current weight and what goal you like to set yourself. After knowing this information, we will create you a personalised food and workout program.

Apple Health App
Save your food intake logs and workouts now also to the Apple Health App.

Become a premium member!
As a premium member you will get access to hundreds of recipes.
All these recipes are calculated to match your personal needs. So don't count the calories after you ate and found out you always eat the wrong things, but simply pick a recipe you like.

You can become a premium member for just $9,99 a month.
Note that the membership automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Terms can be found on page:

Since our programs are personal it doesn't matter if you are a starter or a professional body builder. Get started for free today!

Rawtarian's Raw Meal Plans

Rawtarian's Raw Meal Plans


The official Rawtarian Raw Meal Plans app guides you through each day easily. No browsing, no decision-making and no need to choose recipes. Just start your plan and let me guide you through each raw day, meal-by-meal. Simple and delicious! App contains 6 separate weekly or monthly raw food meal plans, including simple, satisfying raw recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert. Meal plans include 100+ simple, satisfying raw food recipes, shopping lists, photographs of each recipe, comments, and more. The recipes in each meal plan are well-explained and simple to prepare. Only no-fail raw recipes in these simple raw meal plans!


Raw Meal Plans Included in This App:

- 7-Day Raw Smoothie Challenge

- 7-Day Raw Challenge for Beginners

- 7-Day Rawkin' Challenge

- 7-Day Raw Challenge for Intermediate Raw Fooders

- 7-Day Raw Dehydrator Advanced Challenge

- 28-Day Challenge for Raw Newbies

- 28-Day Up-The-Raw Ladder Challenge

- App automatically updates and installs the latest new plans as soon as they are released by The Rawtarian!

Bonus Features:

- Full nutrition information for each recipe.

- Each meal plan contains recipes for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and dessert.

- Over 100 simple, satisfying raw recipes - hand-picked, the best of the best!

- Handy weekly shopping lists (with checklists) to keep you organized

- The ability to write your own private notes on each recipe

- Zoomable pictures of each recipe to see what you're making

- Ability to browse and add comments about each raw food recipe right in the app for tips from other users to avoid mistakes

- No need to make decisions or get overwhelmed

- No internet access required once downloaded

- App automatically updates on-the-fly with the latest Rawtarian meal plans

Download The Rawtarian's Raw Meal Plans app right now. These simple raw meal plans will simplify raw food and help you be the new raw you starting now!


Laura-Jane The Rawtarian is a leading creator of simple, satisfying raw vegan recipes. She is the author of Cook Lively (2017), the host of The Raw Food Podcast and a featured speaker at BlogHer Food in Miami, FL and the Canadian Food Bloggers conference in Vancouver, BC. Her recipes and photography have been featured in The Huffington Post, The National Post and Vegan Life magazine. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She shares 100+ free simple, satiating raw food recipes at (She is also the creator of The Rawtarian’s Raw Recipes app, which has been purchased thousands of times and has over 50 five-star reviews.)

Simple raw recipes are The Rawtarian’s specialty! Some of her famous raw food recipes include raw brownies, raw lemon bars, raw food veggie burgers, raw crackers, raw cheesecake, raw chocolate macaroons - and much more.

75,000+ Facebook fans know and love The Rawtarian’s simple, satisfying raw vegan recipes: Join us and go raw the simple way!


If you have any problems with the app please email me and I will respond right away! [email protected] If you are unsatisfied with the app for any reason just email me and we can work out a solution! [email protected]

If you enjoy this app please leave a review here in the app store. I would greatly appreciate it. :) Enjoy!

Gatheredtable - Customized weekly menus and smart grocery lists

Gatheredtable - Customized weekly menus and smart grocery lists


At Gatheredtable, Our Mission is Making Healthy, Homemade Meals EASIER
Our Customers Eat Better, Save Money, Save Time, and Increase Happiness

**Sign up for an account to try Gatheredtable Meal Planning free**

Here’s What You Get:

You tell us your dietary profile and any food avoidances
We deliver a personalized, seasonal menu to your inbox every week that meets your needs
We search high and low to curate the very best recipes in the land: healthy, delicious and simple
We personally test and perfect every recipe we recommend, and all ingredients are 100% real food
You can clip in your own recipes from the web and we’ll include them in your menus
You edit your menu to fit your week ahead

Each weekly menu includes a grocery list that “automagically” updates as you make edits to your menu
Repeat ingredients from multiple recipes are combined to make the perfect list, organized by aisle
Mark items that you have in your pantry and we’ll remember each week, already checking them off for you
Add in “replenishables” - items you want on your grocery list each week (eggs, milk, coffee, etc.)

Add recipes from the internet by copy/pasting URL’s
Organize your digital recipes into any collections you like for easy reference
Browse friends' libraries, or copy recipes from Gatheredtable’s collections of tested, proven recipes
Turn your recipes into reality: Your recipe library -> Your menu -> Your grocery list -> Your table

**Signing up for a new account will allow you to check out meal planning features for free. After your preview, you’ll still have access to the recipe library to collect and discover new recipes. To continue eating better and saving time and money with meal planning, just purchase a meal planning subscription for a low monthly fee.

• Save time - Our customers report saving an average of 2 hours/week with Gatheredtable meal planning
• Save money - Research studies show that homemade meals save an average of $5,000 per year
• Decrease stress - Our customers report over 50% reduction in stress from using Gatheredtable
• Improve health - Homemade, shared meals statistically correlate with healthier, happier families
• Reduce waste - 70% of our customers report that using Gatheredtable reduces their food waste
• Come together - Our customers use the extra time to gather with loved ones around the table

What customers are saying:
“If you’re looking for something to make your life easier, then this is your solution.” - David, Investment Analyst, Father of 3, NYC

“Gatheredtable is such a simple idea but the benefits are exponential… It gives you back a little bit of space. There is zero downside.” - Jennifer, Legal Administrator, Mother of 1, Seattle

About us:
We know that healthy starts with a homemade meal
We believe there’s no such thing as a bad cook, only a bad recipe
We transform deciding what to make, gathering ingredients, and developing your cooking repertoire
We’re based in Seattle, and have been making healthy, homemade meals easier since 2013
We give 1% of profits to The Edible Schoolyard Project

From our table to yours,
The Gatheredtable Team




***Premium Auto-Renewable Subscription ***

Auto-renewable subscription to provide access for premium features and all upcoming features.

Monthly Auto-Renewable Subscription - 4.99$/month
Yearly Auto-Renewable Subscription - 49.99$/year

Free trial : For 14 days use all of the premium features of Nutritionist + app for free!

Subscription is auto-renewable which means that once purchased it will be auto-renewed every month until you cancel it 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Manage your Subscription and Auto-Renewal by going to your iTunes Account Settings.

Lose weight or gain muscle with Nutritionist , world's first and only automated diet coach and calorie counter

It's not a calorie tracker, it's more! It's nutritionist+! Use the free version for just calorie tracking or go premium to use it as an automated diet coach!

***Why Nutritionist?***

-Whether you’re losing fat or gaining muscle, Nutritionist creates TAILORED MEAL PLANS that fit your goals and lifestyle

-Nutritionist automatically ADJUSTS your tailored meal plans based on your ongoing results and feedback

-Works COMPLETELY OFFLINE, no internet connection needed

-The largest offline food database, ever! Select from over 1,000,000 food items, access even more food items when connected online

-Log into nutritionist app web site and access your information on a laptop or another mobile device

-Design your own fully CUSTOMIZABLE meal plans

-CREATE and save your own recipes, meals and food items

-Meal Plans will adjust calories based on your activity level for that day

-Add multiple food items to meals WITHIN SECONDS!

-Extremely user friendly app complete with Tips and a detailed How To section

-Perfect for iPod Touch and iPhone (Tested on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 2nd generation iPod Touches)

***What sets Nutritionist apart***

-Designs ACCURATE meal plans backed by scientifically proven research
-The ONLY app that auto-adjusts your meal plan based on your body’s results to get you to your goal
-Tips section covers all the topics you care about most and is updated frequently based off your feedback
-The ONLY app that adjusts your calories based on your day’s activity level
-Frequently updated with new features based on user feedback
-Largest OFFLINE food database.


-The “Recommendations” list complete with portion sizes will ensure you have healthy food options to choose from
-Use either standard or metric measurements making this a global application
-Keep a journal and track progress using the “Notes” feature
-Analyze multiple graphs, charts and comparison views giving you every tool you need to eat right and stay on track
-Set reminder alarms so you never miss a meal or weigh-in
-Truly make this app your own by customizing settings, screens and measurement displays
-Track your progress with pictures, measurements and custom weight charts/graphs
-Easily navigate from page to page using many of the shortcut features located throughout the application
-Take advantage of the additional profile slot which is great for trainers and their clients, family members, significant others and friends
-Passcode Lock

Privacy Policy:

Have a bug to report? email otk : [email protected]

Follow us on Facebook at:

On Twitter:

My Family Meal Planner Light

My Family Meal Planner Light

My Family Meal Planner

My Family Meal Planner Light plans your meals for an entire year.
My Family Meal Planner Light

In the My Family Meal Planner Light app you will find:
• 4 meals planned per week for 52 weeks, all the recipes you need, and all the weekly grocery lists.
• An interactive grocery list that you can cross off items and add your own items.
• All meals are under 500 calories.
• Every recipe and meal includes nutritional analysis.
• You will have one slow cooker meal every week. There is a picture of a slow cooker next to the menu/recipes that are slow cooker meals.
• All recipes or menu items that have a heart by them meet the American Heart Association requirements for a heart healthy recipe/meal.
• All recipes or menu items that have a star by them are diabetic friendly. They have less than 60 grams of carbohydrates per serving or less than 4 Carb Choices. 1 Carb Choice = 15 grams of Carbohydrates. Recommended amount for most diabetics is 3 to 4 carb choices per meal. (If you are a diabetic, make sure you follow your individual plan made for you by your doctor or dietitian.) **If carbohydrates are close to 60 grams, omit the fruit in order to have your glass of milk with your meal and to stay within your 3 to 4 carb choices per meal.
• If you are using a weight loss system that uses points, you will see at the bottom of the nutritional analysis your points already figured! This meal planner is not intended to be a weight loss plan. (This meal planner is in no way affiliated with Weight Watchers International and it has not been reviewed by Weight Watchers for accuracy and suitability for Weight Watcher members.)
• When I wrote this meal planner in 2008 I was a childcare provider. I was required to follow the USDA requirements when feeding the children in my care. I felt it was important to include these requirements in this meal planner. You and your family will receive 1 meat, 1 bread, either 2 fruits or 2 vegetables or a fruit and a vegetable at every meal. You will receive Vitamin C daily and Vitamin A at least twice a week. They also suggest that you drink a glass of milk with your meal.

You will save money in the end because you are going to the store with a list. You won’t be buying unnecessary items. Many of my customers have reported saving $75-$100 a month. Plus they are saving time because they don’t have to figure out their menu. I have already done it for you!

A few things to remember before heading to the store:

• Items on the menu that include a recipe you will need to refer to that recipe for the serving size. All other sides are ½ cup servings except side salads are 1 cup servings.
• If you would like to have margarine on your bread and/or salad dressing on your salad, you will need to add that to your grocery list and be sure to add the calories to your meal. Use these two items sparingly. They are usually full of calories and fat.
• I used canned fruits for the nutritional analysis so that it would be convenient for you, but you can purchase fresh fruit instead.
• For the nutritional analysis I used ground beef 90% lean meat/10% fat. For milk I used 1%. I also used instant mashed potatoes for figuring purposes.

For many of the items you can find lower calorie options. Feel free to purchase those items. The nutritional analysis figures for this meal planner were figured based on the USDA ingredient database. Nutritional values will vary from brand to brand.

I hope you enjoy your My Family Meal Planner Light Mobile App!

Pin Plan Fix 21

Pin Plan Fix 21

Natasha Bankhead

This is much more than just another container tracker app. This app is a place to enter and share fix approved recipes, seamlessly drop those recipes into a weekly meal plan, and view your shopping and meal prep lists! When you make a meal plan and stick to it, you greatly increase your chances of success. So, whether you're overwhelmed and wondering where to start with your containers, or looking for new ideas to spice up your meals, this is the app for you.



Pin and add recipes to share with others in the PinPlanFix21 app community.
Save recipes to boards to use directly in your meal plan.


Create a weekly mealplan based on your colored portion control containers, using approved colored food lists and pinned recipes with container counts.
Check you have the right number of containers for each day.
Search previous meal plans.


Automatically generate a shopping list from your mealplan including the number of meals where each ingredient is listed.
Check items off on your list to show what you already have, or as you shop at the store.
Add other items to your list that aren't on your meal plan.


Make prep day easy! Highlight foods in your meal plan that can be fixed ahead of time, to create a separate food prep list.

This app is not owned by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Beachbody LLC. Beachbody LLC has not approved any of the material contained herein, and do not verify, warranty or confirm its accuracy. Please visit or purchase the 21-Day-Fix program for all information regarding the approved eating plan.



John Schmidt

FORAGER– THE DIET MEAL PLANNER AND TRACKER! The original diet meal planner that shows you what to eat and how much to eat. A professional meal planner in your pocket which optimizes your nutrition and leads towards the body you want fast!

Access to 6 meal plans:

- The Rapid Fat Loss Diet Meal Plan – The 30 – 90 day program designed to make the fat drip off your body fast! A simple but effective plan to lose 8-10 pounds in a month!

- The Fit Foodie Diet Meal Plan ($6.99) – No restrictions on this diet! Eat the foods you love and get the body you want!

- The Perfect Paleo Diet Meal Plan ($6.99)– The Paleo Diet Meal Plan that shows you how to go paleo right now! Shows you how to realistically go paleo and receive all the amazing benefits the paleo diet immediately!

- The Partial Paleo Diet Meal Plan ($6.99)– The Partial Paleo Meal Plan that allows for cheese and beans in your nutiriton! An easier to follow but equally effective diet when compared to the perfect paleo meal plan!

- The Vibrant Vegetarian Diet Meal Plan ($6.99)– Learn how to be a fit, healthy, and happy vegetarian starting right now! Perfect for Vegetarians who lead an active lifestyle and need balanced vegetarian meals now!

- The Vital Vegan Diet Meal Plan ($6.99) – All the amazing physical and mental benefits of a vegan diet while getting enough calories and protein to maintain your vegan diet for life!

Each meal customized to your body, health and fitness goals, and diet style:

- No matter what meals you eat at the end of each day you will reach the caloric amount based on your health goals! Simply choose the food you want and eat the amount of that food the ForagerPro tell you to and you will always be on track!

- Meal Plans based on balanced macro and micro nutrients. Each meal you eat will give you a well-rounded meal specific to the meal plan you have active and whether you want to go High-Fat or Low-Fat. All essential nutrition is calculated for calories, fats, carbs, and protein.

- Over 80+ foods in total throughout our meal plans. High Fiber, Standard Carbs, Legumes, Dietary Fats, Dairy, Vegetables, Fruits, Probiotics, Lean and High Fat Foods found throughout our meal plans. No matter the foods you have on hand you can follow our diet meal plans!

Shopping List, Supplements, Guidelines:

- Shopping List ~ Simple to use automatically generated shopping list specific to the foods that are in your diet meal plan. Always know exactly what to buy! Keep your shopping experience easy, fast, and fun with the ForagerPro grocery list.

- Supplements List ~ ForagerPro approved supplements recommendations that make your mind sharper and your body healthier. Our supplements recommendations compliment the nutrition you get from the food to optimize your health and fitness results.

- Guidelines ~ ForagerPro guides you through your diet with tips and tricks designed to make you reach your goals fast!

Why ForagerPro and not other diet meal planners and trackers?

- Your meal plans are customized to your health and fitness goals, body profile and diet style. At the end of each day you will reach the exact amount of calories to lead to towards your goals.

- ForagerPro is a flexible meal planner giving you thousands and thousands of combinations to eat so your diet will never get boring! ForagerPro supports gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and other dietary needs.

- Keep your shopping experience easy, fast, and fun with the ForagerPro grocery list. Grocery lists available for each meal plan so you always know what to buy when at the store!

- Meal Plans based on the latest nutrition, health, and fitness science. Updated nutrition recommendations based on the latest proven trends in nutrition as to provide the most effective meal plans possible for our users.

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