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HealthifyMe: Weight Loss Plan
Vida Health
My Diet Coach - Weight Loss
Noom: Healthy Weight Loss
DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!

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HealthifyMe: Weight Loss Plan
HealthifyMe: Weight Loss Plan


HealthifyMe Private Limited

HealthifyMe backs you with features to help you reach your health & fitness goal

HealthifyMe backs you with features to help you reach your health & fitness goal. It has a food tracker, workout tracker, water tracker, sleep tracker, weight loss tracker & handwash tracker. It also includes no-equipment home workout videos for men & women such as:
Full-body workouts - abs, belly fat, biceps, chest, arms, shoulder, & quads.
Yoga workouts - stretching exercises &...

Vida Health
Vida Health

Vida Health

Vida Health Inc

Get the accountability, support, and tools you need to build healthy habits

Get the accountability, support, and tools you need to build healthy habits. Whether you want to manage anxiety, lose weight, cope with stress, or beat diabetes, Vida’s therapists and coaches can help you.

Choose a therapist or health coach and tailor your program to your unique goals and preferences. With Vida, you get a concrete plan that matches your...

My Diet Coach - Weight Loss
My Diet Coach - Weight Loss

My Diet Coach

Calorie Counter And Tracker App ApS

Determined to beat the bulge and get beach-ready

Determined to beat the bulge and get beach-ready? Eager to look better, feel better... and maybe turn a few heads too? Then My Diet Coach will be your new favorite way to make sure the pounds drop off easily—and permanently.

Stop leaving your weight loss journey to chance. With My Diet Coach, you’ll keep on top of every calorie with...

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Noom: Healthy Weight Loss
Noom: Healthy Weight Loss
Noom: Healthy Weight Loss

Noom: Healthy Weight Loss

Noom, Inc.

Noom Coach provides coaches, calorie counters, a food database and all the tools you need to help you get healthy. The app also contains programs created by physicians for conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!
DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!
DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!

DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!

WayBetter Inc.

Over 1,000,000 people have chosen DietBet to help them lose weight.

Reach your weight loss goals by betting on yourself! You’ll be part of a supportive community and receive customer service from real people. Play games hosted by experts, including pro fitness trainers, nutritionists and wellness gurus. Find motivation when...

Model My Diet - Women
Model My Diet - Women
Model My Diet - Women

Model My Diet - Women

Model My Diet Inc.

Create a mini version of yourself.

Track your daily weight change. See your future healthy self from the front, side, and back.

Get motivated to reach your goal!

• Daily weigh-ins and weigh-in streaks
• Integration with Health app
• Height & weight (start, current, goal)
• BMI 16 to 52
• Body shapes (hourglass,...

Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers)
Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers)
Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers)

Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers)

WW International, Inc.

With Kurbo by WW, building healthy habits is simple—and fun! Our scientifically proven program and one-on-one coaching are designed to empower kids, teens, and families to live healthier lives. You’ll get tools for reaching activity goals, breathing away stress, making positive food choices—all on your mobile device.

“Unique health program appeals...

Lark Health
Lark Health
Lark Health

Lark Health


Lark is better health made easy, at no cost to you! We’ll send everything you need directly to your home: Depending on your program, that will include a Digital Scale, an Activity Tracker, a Blood Glucose Meter, or a Smart Blood Pressure Cuff. Lark and our devices surround you with...

My Virtual Mission
My Virtual Mission
My Virtual Mission

My Virtual Mission

Actionary Limited

“The visual representation will help keep you motivated and focused as well as giving you some bragging rights with your friends.” - The Running Bug

"Guaranteed to motivate even the most cynical of cyclists, My Virtual Mission, enables you to work towards one massive goal." - The Cycling Bug

"This app allows...

Rise - Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach
Rise - Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach
Rise - Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach

Rise - Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach

Rise Labs, Inc.

Find out why the Today Show and New York Times are raving about Rise. Kick off the New Year with Rise!

We pair you with a top-notch nutritionist who will take the guess work out of dieting and figure out what works best for you. We don’t believe in one-size fits...

Get Fit with AJ
Get Fit with AJ
Get Fit with AJ

Get Fit with AJ

Universal Relaxation Ltd

Are you struggling to find the motivation to get fit and start exercising? Even though we know exercise is a vital part of our health and wellbeing, it can be difficult to find the self-motivation to start a regular exercise programme.

This app will support you in developing healthy habits, encourage...

Twinbody weight loss community
Twinbody weight loss community
Twinbody weight loss community

Twinbody weight loss community

Twinbody Aps

Be healthy together! Join the most positive health community there is.

Twinbody is a community for people on a health journey. Our community have zero tolerance on negativity. We embrace support, encouragement and a positive attitude towards each other’s health journeys. We can do this together!

Start your health...

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Could be good for special cases

The Weight Loss Secret

The Weight Loss Secret

BH App Development Ltd

We are the Premier Online Personal Training Solution for Weight Loss.

Receive a personalized weight loss plan, that includes custom behavior, nutrition, and exercise guidelines based on your goals.

Unlock the Weight Loss Secret in 4 Steps:

1) Psychology (Techniques to Change your Mind)

2) Simple and effective Nutrition Plan (Receive Nutrition guidelines and shopping guide)

3) Results based exercise (Receive a workout program based on your goals, easy to follow videos)

4) Coaching and Accountability (Daily check in from a personal coach, track your progress)

You receive support via email, phone consultations, 24/7 access to private coaching site, and our mobile application.

Bodylogix Personal Coach

Bodylogix Personal Coach

The Winning Combination Inc.

At Bodylogix® we believe in living life with purpose. We believe that what you put into your body is as important as how you move your body. We believe in quality relationships and good people. We believe in you.

The Bodylogix® Personal Coach app is our way of helping you stay connected to your health and fitness goals.

Calculate Your Protein:
Identify your suggested dose of daily protein with our customized protein calculator. Input your activity level and dietary preferences to find the products that will best suit your needs.

Stay Fit:
Suitable for all fitness levels, the Bodylogix® Personal Coach app includes easy-to-follow workouts that can be done at the gym, or at home.

Eat Right:
Chef-created recipes will help you to plan and prepare nutritionally dense meals.

Track your progress and stay connected to the Bodylogix® Community today.

Clean. Trust. Performance.

arise 1 - Calorie Tracker

arise 1 - Calorie Tracker

A.R.I.S.E. Apps resulting in self enhancement Ltd.

arise is a beautiful, easy to use calorie tracker, your personal weight loss coach. Offering achievements and a progress graph, losing weight has never been that easy.

What makes arise different?
•simplified interface: reduced to what you really need
•motivation included: achievements adapted to your profile make you give your best
•even more motivation: track your weight in a graph
•reward system: benefit from your progress and enjoy food other diets don’t allow
•save the world: donate a part of your calorie savings to the starving

TOP #5 iPhone Health and Fitness Apps in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

We worked with many calorie counters available and we are sure: There is an easier, better, faster and more fun way to lose weight. We reduced the number of screens, the number of taps and the complexity, because we think 2 minutes for logging all your food is enough. But this is just where we started. We visualized your current status and added achievements for your motivation. And finally we added a reward system so you can even enjoy while still losing weight. Even setting up your profile takes less than 2 minutes.

It’s FREE, so nothing to lose, except your weight.

What makes arise better?
•Get all important information at a glance
•No need to search millions of entries in a food database, if you know the calories
•Just use our smart calculator to add the calories directly
•search only if necessary
•Beautiful design
•Gain achievements and stay motivated e.g. for exercises, calorie goals and long term motivation
•Track your progress in a Chart
•Support the starving by donating from your kcal savings
•Works offline
•simplified, no hundreds of useless features
•Designed and developed by professionals
•It works: just try it and you will feel the difference

Food and exercise Tracking
•There is no faster way than using the calculator
•View savings and your remaining calories at a glance
•Add exercises as easy as food using the calculator
•Track just calories, no other information, that’s what it is about

•Set up your profile and your goal in less than 2 minutes
•Plan using your desired weight loss rate
•Calculates your regular calorie consumption based on your profile
•Sets up your calorie budget using your desired weight loss rate

•Gain achievements for reaching your goals
•Loose even more to get the gold medal
•Get achievements for exercises, calorie limits, weight loss and more
•Get rewarded for your success and trade these rewards for food you like
•Or support the starving by donating the rewards to them

•Search food and exercises
•Get hints on how to reach your goal faster

Less annoying
•You don’t need to create an account

Start now.

This app uses Healthkit.

User Reviews
• Happy to have this tool in the palm of my hands everywhere I go!
• I love this app!! It keeps you on track, and makes counting calories easy. Thanks
• Good job! I find the app very useful and easy to use. It's a great tool battling weight.



BH App Development Ltd

Evolution-NI online coaching app is a powerful tool designed to help you achieve your exercise and nutritional goals.

Our coaching app is the one place where you will find your bespoke training, nutritional and coaching plans designed by your personal coach.
This App allows you to have your own personal coach with you wherever and whenever you train.

Evolution-NI enjoys helping busy professionals, mums, dads and even teams of people in reaching their own personal goals such as; weight loss, muscle building, sports specific or even rehabilitation from injury.
Evolution-NI coaching app will educate you in exercise and nutrition, therefore giving you the tools you need to understand each movement performed and how to prepare each meal.
You will have your individualized training and nutritional programs anywhere and at any time, offline or online so it will be easy for you to stay focused and motivated to reach your goals.

Whether you’re training in the gym or at home, if you are a beginner or advanced trainee our coaching app and membership account is the complete tool to educated and guide you on the right direction to achieving your goals.
Each exercise is handpicked for you, based on the assessments you perform prior to starting your bespoke training and nutritional program therefore, maximizing your results and minimizing the risk of injury.

Evolution-NI is the hub for achieving goals through an evidence based approach. We use the information gathered on you to design bespoke programs for you thus educate you on how to implement correct movement and nutrition into your daily plan.

With our nutrition and habit based coaching program which is nicely integrated into the app we will teach you and show you exactly what to do and how to get the results you want. You will get the right tools and daily actions to bring you the desired outcome.

For extra motivation and accountability, the app has a tracking system that you can record your progress and areas you feel you need to improve upon in order to achieve your goals.

Evolution-NI Online Coaching app provides you with support and accountability every step of the way.

• Bespoke Training programs and nutrition plans.
• Your Personal coach at your fingertips.
• Videos and full descriptions for each exercise.
• Exercise videos show front and side views for easy understanding and learning.
• Nutritional coaching, and education plus meal plan options provided.
• Notes and feedback recording for your coach to review.
• Track body metrics and body composition in graphs to see how your body is changing.
• See your progress through photos which can be taken and stored in the app.
• Record yourself while exercising to see side by side comparison with coaching videos.
• Postural assessments among many can be recorded and uploaded for your coach to review.



Komsit choosangthong

Because we understand how difficult is it to diet alone.
Think about, dealing with calories in and calories out in every food you eat, stick in eating the right foods and burning calories through the right workout programs while not seeing the result you want on the scale. Moreover, severe eating restraint or under-eating make you hungry and starving all the time. These cause you to struggle with your motivation and turn your diet journey into depression, boredom and desperateness. Then one of the smartest moves you can make is to get a diet friend.

Along with finding the right diet and exercise program, getting support and accountability system can be the deciding factor that makes a diet work. By helping you team up with diet friends, Diet Party lets you stimulate each other to lose weight with free, simply easy and more fun approaches. Give information of what you eat, your daily work out choices, distribute your diet tips and share your success weight loss diary to your mates. Let’s see who can get more fit and shed more pounds!! It’s works it’s fun and it’s the right way!!!

Diet Party has inspired from the experience of the founders who used to face the dietary situation that getting thinner for a certain period, then gaining and reducing again and again in circulation. Faced the fasting and devoting exercise for a short-run reducing. This way is boring and unstable, it was even worse when gaining weight even more than ever. This will make the next dietary harder and harder until you lose your self-confidence and end up failing.

The dietary is too hard to do alone, don’t you think so? Diet Party will bring back your enjoyment in losing weight whenever you use this application with others friends around the world (You can download by both iOS in systems in the future) 

This application will help you join with the friends who has something in common which is a purpose on losing weight, similar food selection, and similar way of exercise. Not only you can check whether what your friends do at that time, you can also ask for advice and gain knowledge regarding the right way of losing weight, along with the reinforcement from your team mate. This application is your best choice to help you get slimmer and healthier together with your friends.

For dieter, why Diet Party:

Because we understand that it is better to be surrounding with all the helps from friends who has the same health purpose and need of sincerity help and support will push you to be successful in weight loss for both short-term and in the long run for sure. 

With DietParty you will find your team mate with weight loss problem as well, and they wish to be healthy just like you. As you use the application continuously, you will have many chance to meet the person who had been through their hard time in losing weight until they succeed all the time. Their experience will encourage you to lose weight as you wish.

When you started to lose weight, you will be admired by your pal; which will motivate you to keep on trying to achieve the certain weight you intended to get. And you will finally get it at last.

There is one research found that buddy (2person) who had been work out together ten to archive their goal more than one who exercise alone. Friends who try to exercise together have a percentage to quit less than the one who exercise alone many times.