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Music Discovery With a Social Aspect

What a great way to discover new music than by your friends' recommendations or even just like minded people. You can trust their opinions and inspirations. You are certain to find some great new music and have a blast doing it.

Unlimited Music & MP3 Songs Player: MB3 - Music Discovery for Tastemakers
DarwinBeats - Indie Music Discovery

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Unlimited Music & MP3 Songs Player: MB3
Unlimited Music & MP3 Songs Player: MB3

Unlimited Music & MP3 Songs Player

MixerBox Inc.

Play Music from YouTube and iTunes all within one app

Play Music from YouTube and iTunes all within one app!

Number 1 music app in 12 countries! Top 25 music app in 100+ countries!

►►►►► "Ever since I found this app, I've been addicted to it. Tried a lot of music apps but this one is the best and does what I was looking for. It's a must have for every...

Looking for newbies? - Music Discovery for Tastemakers - Music Discovery for Tastemakers

Fanum Inc.

New Music Finder is the only platform designed specifically to showcase Tastemakers who consistently find great new up-and-coming artists.

DarwinBeats - Indie Music Discovery
DarwinBeats - Indie Music Discovery


DarwinBeats, Inc.

Winner of Startups Ignite's "People's Choice Award" 2016

Winner of Startups Ignite's "People's Choice Award" 2016.

"DarwinBeats is kicking mainstream music's ass with its indie-only music discovery app."

Now with over 9,000 indie artists!


You are here to change the world.

You see, you won't just be discovering tons of new amazing artists, you'll also be playing an important part in their success.

You are a music curator, and our algorithm lives by...



Bands on the Run

BLKBOX is music made social

BLKBOX is music made social. This new mobile app and website connects life to music in a new and meaningful way. An app that focuses on connecting people through music, photo, and video. It’s fun, addictive, and the future of music discovery.

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PYRO Music
PYRO Music
PYRO Music

PYRO Music

Pyro Music

Electronic Music. Made in China. Discover, listen, and share your favourite electronic music, DJs and record labels from all over the world, and engage with the most exciting market on the planet.

With over 10,000 record labels, 50,000 international DJs, and 20,000 China based DJs, PYRO is helping the Chinese...



Kent Michitsch

Tunist is a free app that allows you to share and discover music in increments of 13 seconds or less.

Listen to your friends’ clips on your “Feed” where they can express themselves, or contribute to music discovery, with a clip of music followed by a short caption.

Create your music clip...

Musicfeed - discover new music from your friends
Musicfeed - discover new music from your friends
Musicfeed - discover new music from your friends

Musicfeed - discover new music from your friends

Musicfeed, Inc.

Find your next favorite song from the friends and experts you trust

Discover. See what your favorite artists and music friends are sharing in your music feed.

Suggestions. The more people you follow, the smarter our recommendations become.

Playlists. Collect and organize your music without worrying about where its stored. Play music from...

The PLUG by DJBooth
The PLUG by DJBooth
The PLUG by DJBooth

The PLUG by DJBooth


The Plug app, powered by DJBooth, is the only source for high-quality hip-hop news and editorial you need. Never click bait, never stepped on, The Plug delivers only the best news and original content about the music you love for FREE. Each day's edition also comes with a Rap Quote...

White Label - discover new hiphop
White Label - discover new hiphop
White Label - discover new hiphop

White Label - discover new hiphop

Hydric Media

White Label is a music discovery app for hiphop heads.

Play full-length tracks from SoundCloud, read what fans are saying live on Twitter and discover what’s trending in hiphop.

- Play full-length tracks free via SoundCloud; no sign up or existing account required.
- Follow the conversation between hiphop fans and artists happening...

Tinrit Music - music publishing & discovery
Tinrit Music - music publishing & discovery
Tinrit Music - music publishing & discovery

Tinrit Music - music publishing & discovery

Tinrit Labs Inc

Tinrit Music - helping young talents grow

Tinrit Music is a platform dedicated to helping young talents grow. Tinrit connects great musicians with fans by offering a greater music delivery experience.

If you are a musician, publish your songs through Tinrit web app to have your music discovered by new users.

If you...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases



IQ Holdings LLC

What’s your Music IQ? IQzic lets you compare, compete, and discover new music with friends,

influencers, and followers. Find the best new tunes in over 40 genres. Let the world know you

discovered it first, and watch your IQ climb. Create playlists from the best of the best, or be the one

others follow. IQzic is fun, and the future of music discovery!


1. Quickly peruse videos by genre, most recently released, views, views/day and find the ones you

believe stand-out.

2. Mark your discovery! IQzic shows whether you were the 1st (FanZero), 10th, 100th … to “IQ” the

video so you can compare discovery with others.

3. Be a leader or follow the leaders. Get alerts whenever new music is being predicted to break.

4. Compete in playoffs! You can compete in private or public playoffs to see who can get the

highest music IQ.

5. Create playlists from the best tunes picked by you, your friends, a group of friends, or anyone on

the leaderboards.

6. Share your successes on Facebook and Twitter.

IQzic puts music discovery in the hands of real people, and allows great discoveries to be shared in new

and meaningful ways. Because real people are getting behind the music they like best, IQzic uses the

power of a motivated crowd to filter through and find the best tunes, and then let’s you share and enjoy

them in fun and exciting ways.



Geniot LLC

OurMix makes music discovery simple. OurMix delivers a personalized hour of music from your friends, everyday.

- We constantly analyze your Spotify library to see what you like.
- We pick fresh songs from your friends' libraries that match your current tastes.

It's that simple! You don't have to pick songs, stations or playlists. We know what you like. We know what your friends like. We do all the work so you don't have to.

Join OurMix and start listening to your first mix in minutes!


Spotify account required.
Spotify Free account? OurMix works great -- you'll just be limited to 30-second samples of each song.
Spotify Premium users enjoy full-length songs.

Mini Tunes - Music Discovery

Mini Tunes - Music Discovery

Maeztro Inc.

Share the music samples that accompany moments of your life with Mini Tunes. See what songs your friends are enjoying today and comment or start discussions with them. Discover new music faster than ever thanks to the 15 second segments.

The Mini Tunes community believes that music is more than just notes. The music is communicative and emotional. Every visit on Mini Tunes is a unique experience of sharing and musical discoveries.

The Mini Tunes users will :
• Post a 15 second segment of a song that means something to them.
• Listen to song segments posted by their friends.
• Evoke special moments with friends and start a discussion about it.
• Communicate with their loved ones and friends differently.
• Express their emotions in a beautiful way with music.
• Build a library of favorites segments
• Discover rapidly great music
• Share on Facebook segments they are most passionate about