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If your thing is all things music then try out one of these great apps filled music related news.

Heartland Headlines - Country Music News, New Music Releases, and Concert Tickets
Picked Music - Music News, Articles for fans
Fuzion Entertainment
Heartland Headlines - Country Music News, New Music Releases, and Concert Tickets

Heartland Headlines - Country Music News, New Music Releases, and Concert Tickets

Donald Angelillo

Heartland Headlines for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is the one-stop destination for all your country music news, new album release, and concert listing needs. It's the best way to stay on top of news about your favorite country artists on all you iOS devices.


- Aggregates content from the world's top sources of country music news in one convenient app.

- Innovative "Favorite Artists" feature figures out your favorite country artists from your music library and then surfaces stories about them to the top of your feed.

- Explore new country releases and top selling albums and then purchase them from iTunes right through the app.

- Now available on your Apple Watch! Receive notifications about stories featuring your Favorite Artists and browse the 20 latest headlines from your feed and then switch over to your iPhone seamlessly using Handoff to read the full stories

- Concert Tickets! Heartland Headlines automatically finds upcoming shows in your area featuring your Favorite Artists and even lets you purchase tickets for them right through the app.

- Full background fetch integration refreshes your country music news automatically for you in the background so it's ready for you every time you open the app.

- Automatically receive notifications when new stories about your Favorite Artists are detected!

- Have multiple devices? No problem. The app uses iCloud to automatically synch your settings and to keep track of the articles you've already read across all your devices.

- Sleek fullscreen reading experience. Simply scroll the article you're reading to enter fullscreen mode.

- "Reader" button to make articles without mobile-friendly formatting easier to enjoy.

- Full native support for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Please note: The notifications will only work if you allow Heartland Headlines to refresh content in the background. You can do this by going to iOS Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turning it on for Heartland Headlines.

Picked Music - Music News, Articles for fans

Picked Music - Music News, Articles for fans

Bonbon Group Ltd

Picked collects together all the latest news about your favourite music artists in a single, slick App. We have millions of interesting facts, artists and album information to search and read through – and it updates every ten minutes.

We also scour Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MTV News, Rolling Stone, PitchFork and many other trusted news sites to bring you the latest.

You can also now browse an artists published albums, and soon you will be able to browse, play and buy any of their songs too.

Try picked out, its free to use and totally ad free.

Alt Music News

Alt Music News

Red Five Software Ltd


Indie Rock News is a one stop shop for all your indie/alternative rock music news and gossip. Instead of ploughing your way through a load of RSS feeds, Indie Rock News gives you a tag cloud of whatever is happening. That means a big list of things where the more popular a thing is, the more prominent it is. At a glance you can see who is in the news and what is happening. Wanna see what Animal Collective have just done, or who has a new album out? Just click that particular tag.

Popular Tags
"Audio" and "Video" show you all the stories with downloads, streams or videos. Most of these can be accessed from inside the app itself.

"New Record" lists all the stories about anyone with new release.

"Festival" brings you all the latest festival news. It may be worth clicking the "Read All" button for festivals as it can introduce a lot of false positives.

Make your favourite bands more visible by clicking the "Like" button. This hilights them so they stand out more prominently.

Tweet a story that you think your mates might like.

Lots of similar stories? Click a button to mark them all as read. A tag will appear grey if there are no new stories to read. You can even mark EVERYTHING as read now.

To update it at any time, simply give it a shake or choose the option from the pop up menu. The data on the server is only updated every half hour.

We gather the headlines from the NME, Quietus, Drowned in Sound, Pitchfork, ResidentAdvisor and Xlr8r for the best of what is happening in the US/UK music scene. The list of new artists is updated daily.

Finally, and most importantly, Indie Rock News is FREE!!!!!!

Double finally, if you like this then you might like "Games News" which is the video gaming equivalent.