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Check on Your Baby Wherever You Are

For all the busy parents out there looking for baby monitoring apps. If the baby wakes up or moves, these apps will detect the sound or movement and you will be notified on your IOS device no matter where you are. Keep eyes and ears on your little ones at all times!

Baby Monitor 3G
Baby Monitor Annie: Nanny Cam
Safe Baby Monitor Pro
DLink IP Camera Viewer by OWLR
AXIS IP Camera Viewer by OWLR

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Baby Monitor 3G
Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G

TappyTaps s.r.o.

The First HD quality Multiplatform Baby Monitor is here

Baby Monitor 3G provides both video and audio to monitor your little one. The app also includes a baby activity log, lullabies, a night light, and a vibration alert. Baby Monitor 3G is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, and works with WiFi, LTE, and 3G connections.

Baby Monitor Annie: Nanny Cam
Baby Monitor Annie: Nanny Cam

Baby Monitor Annie

Master App Solutions

A stunningly reliable baby monitor

Baby Monitor by Annie offers live video, a playlist of lullabies, lets you monitor multiple children, and offers a feature to talk to your baby. The app has an unlimited range and works with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Safe Baby Monitor Pro
Safe Baby Monitor Pro

Safe Baby Monitor Pro

Apirox, s.r.o.

Reliable and easy to use baby audio monitor

Reliable and easy to use baby audio monitor. Smart monitoring detects everything what is going on nearby your baby.

Everyone knows the situation when your little one falls asleep at the visit, and you left your standard baby monitor at home (our own experience). But this unpleasant situation is very easy to solve. The solution is our Safe Baby Monitor, which...

DLink IP Camera Viewer by OWLR
DLink IP Camera Viewer by OWLR

DLink IP Camera Viewer by OWLR

OWLR Technologies Ltd

Are you looking for a better mobile DLink app that's easy to use, consistently stable and designed to respect and maintain your privacy

Are you looking for a better mobile DLink app that's easy to use, consistently stable and designed to respect and maintain your privacy?

We developed the DLink IP Camera Viewer for (almost) the entire DLink Family of home and small business cameras with this focus.

Use your cameras as a baby monitor, as a home security device and even store and...

AXIS IP Camera Viewer by OWLR
AXIS IP Camera Viewer by OWLR

AXIS IP Camera Viewer by OWLR

OWLR Technologies Ltd

Wouldn't you like a AXIS IP Camera Viewer app that makes finding and viewing your AXIS cameras quick and easy

Wouldn't you like a AXIS IP Camera Viewer app that makes finding and viewing your AXIS cameras quick and easy?

The AXIS IP Camera Viewer has been designed to support (almost) the entire AXIS Family with a focus on home (e.g., baby monitoring, pet monitoring, home security) and office use (e.g., store security).

NOTE: If you have other branded cameras...

BabyCam: Baby Sleep Monitor
BabyCam: Baby Sleep Monitor


Goodbaby International

Brand new, free and super easy to use baby sleep monitor which works on your mobile phone and tablet

Brand new, free and super easy to use baby sleep monitor which works on your mobile phone and tablet.

# Have your baby tracker ready in 20s
# See your baby with HD camera
# Use any network - 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi
# Be alerted every time, everywhere
# Soothe baby remotely
# Free for limited time

All you need is Baby Cam - Baby...

Baby Monitor for IP Camera
Baby Monitor for IP Camera

Baby Monitor for IP Camera

Tiny Solutions LLC

BABY MONITOR is created by parents for parents to keep an eye on our babies using IP cameras

BABY MONITOR is created by parents for parents to keep an eye on our babies using IP cameras. Free app with in-app purchases. Try before you buy!

The very best baby monitor application for active and busy parents. Watch, listen and talk to your baby with your mobile device anytime and anywhere. Enjoy having a peace of mind whether you’re at...



Udisense inc.

Nanit speaks baby

Nanit speaks baby.
Understand your baby’s days and nights. Nanit’s camera uses something called computer vision. Nanit learns how your baby moves, and tells you if they’re fussy, awake or sleeping like a dream.

Understand their night and conquer sleep.
Nanit Insights helps you identify sleep issues, so you can adjust and get back on track fast. Nanit tracks—and understands—sleep patterns, parent visits,...

Baby Monitor for iPhone
Baby Monitor for iPhone

Baby Monitor for iPhone

Lemondo Apps LLc

It really works - No matter how far you are from your baby, you will get an SMS as soon as cry is detected

It really works - No matter how far you are from your baby, you will get an SMS as soon as cry is detected.

Simple and easy to use 2 in 1 Baby Monitor app on the AppStore! Receive SMS when your baby is awake or monitor sleep with iDevice camera in Live mode. Just indicate the phone number on which...

Also Good

Apps with average score

Cloud Baby Monitor
Cloud Baby Monitor
Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor

VIGI Limited

Cloud Baby Monitor is an amazing app that is everything a baby monitor should be. This monitor broadcasts both video and audio, allows you to speak to your baby, play a lullaby from afar, and has an unlimited broadcasting range. You can watch baby when at home or when you...

OWLR IP Camera Viewer
OWLR IP Camera Viewer
OWLR IP Camera Viewer

OWLR IP Camera Viewer

OWLR Technologies Ltd

Are you looking for one great mobile app that's easy to use, works every time and supports all sorts of IP Camera brands like Foscam, DLink and Axis?

We developed the OWLR IP Camera Viewer just for you! Our OWLR Viewer app works with most Foscam, DLink and Axis network cameras...

MonBaby - Baby Monitor
MonBaby - Baby Monitor
MonBaby - Baby Monitor

MonBaby - Baby Monitor

Mondevices Inc

MonBaby App is an application that works with the MonBaby monitor sensor.
It works on devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart).

MonBaby Smart Button is a baby breathing and sleep monitor that attaches anywhere on typical baby clothing. It is a wearable sensor that tracks your child's breathing movements and sleep patterns...




REMI App requires REMI. Learn more at

REMI is the first alarm clock that coaches kids to sleep better from birth to 10.

===== For BABIES =====
== A Baby Monitor ==
Listen and talk to your baby from your App, at Home or outside.

== A Sleep Tracker ==
REMI tracks what happens in...

Smartfrog Camera
Smartfrog Camera
Smartfrog Camera

Smartfrog Camera

smartfrog Limited

Protect your home, baby, pets and loved ones now with Smartfrog’s free home security camera. Quickly and easily turn your smartphone, tablet, laptop and webcams into an instant home surveillance camera and recording solution –download for free and set it up in seconds!

Smartfrog lets you turn your mobile devices (iPhone,...

Universal Baby Monitor
Universal Baby Monitor
Universal Baby Monitor

Universal Baby Monitor


Baby Monitor is a universal video baby monitor that allows you to check on your baby from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, thanks to a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

It’s very simple to use Baby Monitor, you just need to install the application on your devices and select one...

Owlet Baby Care
Owlet Baby Care
Owlet Baby Care

Owlet Baby Care

Owlet Baby Care Inc.

Owlet Baby Care works with the Owlet Smart Sock (purchase required) to monitor your baby’s heart rate and breathing. The information is sent straight to your iPhone and the app includes alerts when it senses irregularities.

Best Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam
Best Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam
Best Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam

Best Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam

Cloud4Data LLC.

A stunningly reliable baby monitor with an unlimited range working via WiFi, 3G or LTE. Use it to monitor up to 4 children from a limitless number of Parent Units. Best Baby Monitor turns any two or more devices into the perfect babysitting assistant offering you a reliable connection anywhere...

Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor
Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor
Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor

Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor

LEDO Network Inc.

Sense-U Baby app is the application that works with the award-winning Sense-U Baby monitor device.

Sense-U Baby is a 2018 IF Product Design Award winner baby monitor that can easily clip onto your baby's clothes, monitor your baby's tummy breathing, sleeping position, temperature and humidity level from your smart device.


Microphone Spier
Microphone Spier
Microphone Spier

Microphone Spier

Albert Pascual

The easiest way to monitor a room, using the room noise to detect changes, will only call you when is a big change on the ambient noise. The user can set the sensitivity levels of noise in the room.

This app will monitor the sound on a room and when is...

WiFi Baby
WiFi Baby
WiFi Baby

WiFi Baby

Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC

*Requires iOS 11 or higher.

The official WiFi Baby app allows you to access and control your WiFi Baby video and audio monitor from anywhere. Don't have a WiFi Baby? Learn More at

“Beautiful Day and Night Video, Peace of Mind – Check in Securely, Anywhere.” -TIME Review

This is...

uBabyMonitor with Sleep Patterns
uBabyMonitor with Sleep Patterns
uBabyMonitor with Sleep Patterns

uBabyMonitor with Sleep Patterns

UBNTEK Co., Ltd.

uBabyMonitor allows both parents to simultaneously monitor baby by automatic connecting iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) over the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You not only can monitor your baby’s movement with real time audio graph, but also can be alerted when your baby needs the attention. You can...



ComfortCam, LLC

A baby monitor for a modern world. Always stay connected to your baby whether at home or away, all on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod). It's as simple 1,2,3 with a fast and easy setup. Best of all, it works on both WiFi and Internet and does not rely...

Baby Monitor Pro: Universal video surveillance
Baby Monitor Pro: Universal video surveillance
Baby Monitor Pro: Universal video surveillance

Baby Monitor Pro: Universal video surveillance


Baby Monitor is a universal video baby monitor that allows you to check on your baby from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, thanks to a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

It’s very simple to use Baby Monitor, you just need to install the application on your devices and select one...

Gynoii Baby
Gynoii Baby
Gynoii Baby

Gynoii Baby

Gynoii Inc.

At Gynoii, we deliver smart products around family cares. Aiming at helping children to grow in a safer and healthier environment and make parent’s everyday lives easier, Gynoii cares for every needs and never stops looking for better and smarter solutions. From new born to pre-school age, Gynoii gives parents...

Onni Care
Onni Care
Onni Care

Onni Care

SEP Solutions OY

The Onni Care app has been designed to be the perfect interface for our Onni Care remote access video baby monitors.

Our Onni Care baby monitors are operated with the Onni Care app, and monitor usage is further supported by the Onni Baby web portal.

With the app and web portal, parents...



Ospicon Systems Pte Ltd

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a baby breathing monitor! Your Apple device will alert you if your baby is breathing too slowly, to fast, or stops breathing altogether. This breakthrough technology is the safest way to put your baby to sleep.

Watch 1-minute video here:

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Air Cam Live Video (Lite)

Air Cam Live Video (Lite)


"Air Cam Live Video for the iPhone and iPod touch is a great application for viewing your live webcam feeds over local, Wi-Fi or 3G and EDGE networks..." --- Macword

Air Cam lets you view live video feed (and optionally, audio) from computer's internal or external webcams directly on your iOS device using your home Wi-Fi networks.

Need to have a baby monitor or a nanny cam? Set up your iSight webcam in the baby’s bedroom, and remotely check up on your baby with your iOS device without stepping into the room.

Ever wonder what your cats or dogs are doing when you are not there? Use Air Cam to remotely monitor them, while you are in another room. Why limiting to your pets; do it to your roommates too.

When hooked up with an external webcam, you can even turn Air Cam into a home surveillance system. Simply point your webcam to the location you want to monitor, and receive live video feed on your iOS device.


* Continuous video and audio feed.
* Compatible with most internal and external USB webcams.
* Support multiple webcam connections.
* Volume, frame rate and sync control directly from your device.
* Take snapshots of the video feed and save them into iOS's photo library.
* Support remote video recording.
* Support motion detection, motion triggered recording, and motion triggered email notification.
* Support "hidden mode" that allows discrete monitoring, and auto-start when your computer starts.
* Support both Mac and Windows.
* Apple Watch support.
* Free future update for life.

** IMPORTANT: To ensure your webcam is compatible, please download and install our Mac or Windows software first. Make sure the software works correctly on your system BEFORE purchasing Air Cam on iTunes.

Software download site is:

Please read carefully of the following requirement before purchasing Air Cam:

1.A desktop or laptop running Mac OS X 10.7 (previous OS X versions are not supported) or Windows with compatible internal or external webcam.

2.A shared Wi-Fi network between your computer and your iOS device.

3.Download and run the free Mac or Windows software from to stream your video feed.

*** If you have problem getting Air Cam to work, please contact us at [email protected], and we will help you fix the problem.

Sound Sleeper: Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

Sound Sleeper: Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

Michael Feigenson

Turn two or more iOS devices into a WiFi video baby monitor and have peace of mind no matter where you are in your house.

- Enjoy high quality video and audio monitoring
- Use digital zoom and night illumination to see your baby up close.
- Monitor more than one child. Connect unlimited Baby Stations to your Parent Station, and toggle between Baby Stations to check on each child.
- Connect as many Parent Stations as you want, so that you and your spouse can keep an eye on all of the kids.

Baby Sleep Care Pro

Baby Sleep Care Pro




100.000 babies all over the world already sleep with Baby Sleep Care

New in Pro version:

MOTION MODE- The new Sleep Care Pro can detect not only Noise, moreover, now it can detect Motion.
SENSIBILITY- Now you can define between 3 levels of sensibility for noise and motion
LOG - Each time the baby awakes and if the user choose this option, the app will record the data related with the activation (hour, level, type)
RECORD- If you choose this option the app will record 5, 10 or 20 seconds when the system detects noise or motion in a file. You will be able to listen the files recorded selecting them from a list.

Some user comments:

Great [Version 1.1]

19th May 2010

This app is amazing ! it really does what it says !

Great app, great purchase [Version 1.1]

29th Apr 2010

It does exactly what it says but in a very easy way. After you configure it you can use it one night after the other and in my case, most nights it works incredible well. Very good purchase :)


The app for babies number 1 in Spain, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Korea..

***Present in 62 countries

The only app for baby relaxing with three modes of use:

- PHONE MODE (it calls you with it receives a noise)


- Phone Mode. With this new mode, when your baby awakes you will receve a phone call and you will be able to listen what is happening.


(A microphone is needed to use)

Does your baby awake several times in the middle of the night?

The only thing he wants is listening your voice or a sweet music?

Then, this is your app, SleepCare will be listening every noise your child does, in case the noise is over the threshold defined by you SleepCare will start to work playing a song or a recorded file.

There are two types of files that can be played:
-A file recorder by you with mum or dad’s voice.
-A song from the music library of your iphone.

Moreover, you have teh PHONE MODE in which the app will phone you when your baby awakes.

Both options will be customizable from SleepCare where you will be able to record sounds or search songs in the music library.

SleepCare is configured only once, the inicial configuration is recorded in the device so the next time you want to use it the only thing you have to do is switching on the listener and go to sleep.

You will get up in the middle of the night at least ONCE less.

It has been tested with a real baby. If your baby is used to sleep with music, it is very common that everybody at home can sleep the whole night. Using SleepCare
Photography: Demi Brooke
Design: MVG
Translation: Karín Trujillo y Luiz Breim



Bestway innovations LLC

The most innovative multi-function baby video monitor is here .Holababy is a video and audio baby monitor for your phone or tablet.Stream HD live video,hear/talk to your baby and soothe your child wherever you are thanks to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.
Key features :

-Project an image on the ceiling or wall
-10 soothing lullabies and sounds
-Multicolor night light
-720P HD live video
-Crystal clear two way audio
-Clear infrared night vision
-Room temperature display
-Motion/Audio/Temperature alerts
-Snapshot and video recording on your phone or tablet
-Easy setup, support multi-users view

Baby Video Monitor

Baby Video Monitor


Watch, listen and speak to your baby from another room with Baby Video Monitor.

❝ Worked like a charm❞
— The iPhone Mom,

❝Nice UI, great feature set, and works perfectly.❞
— dwbnyc, US App Store

❝Easily connected between my iPhone and iPad.❞
— ScaryBear, Canadian App Store

Baby Video Monitor lets you easily turn two iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) on the same wifi into your very own baby monitor with video capabilities.

iPhone 3G cannot record video and thus can only be used to transmit audio, but it can receive both.

➤ Watch you baby falling a sleep and speak back to him or her if needed.

➤ Keep listening to your baby even while surfing the web and checking your e-mails. A single tap on the top of your screen takes you quickly back to the video feed of your baby.

➤ Provide a phone number to be called when noise has been detected. Use this as an additional safety feature or when you only have one iPhone available.

➤ Easily keep track of how long your baby has been crying by looking at the timer that is always visible. This is especially helpful if your sleep training routines contains time limits on when you are allowed to go comfort your baby.

➤ Set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and use Baby Video Monitor even when there is no wifi available.

We would love your feedback on Baby Video Monitor as we always strive to improve our apps. If you have any suggestions or other inputs send an e-mail to [email protected] For quick answers to support questions e-mail [email protected] instead.

The app is developed and maintained by the app company Appelsin,

BabySight Free

BabySight Free

Softopinion Group Corporation

"BabySight Free" only works within the same local area network.
BabySight is a baby monitor application that makes parents’ life easier by allowing you to monitor your baby and children through a Wi-Fi local area network. BabySight uses external or built-in web-cameras on your Mac to stream video and sound onto your iPhone or iPod Touch. BabySight has a night vision feature, which remotely enables the whole Mac screen white in order to brighten the room enough to see what’s going on. BabySight also takes music from your iTunes library and can play his/her favorite lullabies remotely from your iPhone or iPod touch.

3.x series does not work properly with former BabySight Desktop applications. Please make sure you re-download and use the latest BabySight Desktop application (v3) from our website.

BabySight is a great day and night iPhone/iPod touch application for monitoring your children. Let’s say, for example, you are hosting friends, and the kids are playing in the basement. BabySight lets you check on the kids from upstairs by simply taking the iPhone/iPod touch out of your pocket and viewing their activities without being interrupted.


- Baby monitor-like interface
- Choice of either a pink or blue color skin
- Easy to use
- Lets you view video/audio streaming remotely

Additional features are available with the paid versions.
- (Lite/Full version) Works great also at night with the night vision feature
- (Lite/Full version) Plays lullabies from your iTunes library
- (Full version) Works with external WiFi networks

BabySight CANNOT run as an independent iPhone application, and it MUST be running with BabySight Desktop, a free desktop application. This requires you to download it from:
At this moment, BabySight Desktop officially works with Intel Mac (OS X 10.5.6 or later) ONLY.

Please visit for more information.
You can follow us on twitter at

If you have any trouble getting BabySight to work, please visit our support forum. Please be advised that we have no way of contacting you when you ask for help in customer reviews.

iSitter Baby Monitor - WiFi / Bluetooth / LTE

iSitter Baby Monitor - WiFi / Bluetooth / LTE

Dorada App Software Ltd

iSitter is a baby monitor app that requires 2 iOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone). One device will be the 'Baby' side and one will be the 'Parent' side

** Want to use a spare old device as the baby end? Search iSitter Baby for a baby only version for old devices **


• Automatic reconnection if disconnected
• Alarm on parent device if not connected for 30 seconds
• Thousands of parents every day trust iSitter


• Works over Bluetooth, Wifi and LTE
• Send video, audio or still pictures depending on what your connection can support
• Use front or back camera, use the camera flash or the display as a night light


• DSP technology to ensure a loud clear signal
• Shared audio session, so you can use other audio apps on either baby or parent device as long as the other app also supports shared audio.
• White noise generator on the Baby end


• Default settings will work for 99% of parents
• Free to try, simple to use

Please note this app is no substitute for proper parental supervision of your children.

** iSitter is free so you can check it works for you before removing the Ads with an in-app purchase **

** Ads are only shown on the Parent device **

External Camera Pro

External Camera Pro

G.P. Imports, Inc.

Finally the application we were all waiting for! A LIVE remote CAMERA with AUDIO!

Now you can watch in your iPad/iPod or iPhone a live video taken remotely with an iPhone!
Yes! The PRO version supports also iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad and finally iPhone to iPad.

*iPhone can work as a streamer or a receiver.

The video is smooth, with audio and an option to take a picture at any time! Just perfect!

Ideal for:
✓ Baby monitor (*)
✓ Home Security, i.e. Entrance Monitor
✓ Office Supervisor
✓ Store Security
✓ Make sure your children are safe and doing their homework!
The possibilities are endless!

Main Features:

✓ Transfer Video stream and AUDIO from the iPhone to the iPad..
✓ You can take pictures in high resolution of the actual view.
✓ Amazing quality interface by Danielo Lipele.

✓ Install the universal application in your iPhone and iPad. (you will only be charged once since its a universal application)
✓ Simply start your iPhone and iPad at the same time.
✓ Tap on "Take Photo" (either in the iPhone or the iPad).
✓ Connect both devices to the same wifi network.

In order to work, the applications needs to be used in the same WiFi network by both devices.

* If you are using the application as a baby monitor make sure your network and devices are working smoothly, we are not responsible for any misuse or failure. Please do not rely on this application exclusively to monitor your baby.

If you need assistance please contact us [email protected]
We will be adding additional apps soon!

uGrow Smart Baby Monitor

uGrow Smart Baby Monitor


Our highly encrypted monitor is Wi-Fi based, working with mobile networks. The performance is highly dependant on your Wi-Fi and your mobile connection. For optimal performance ensure you have a stable network.

Connecting you to your baby, where ever you are

With SafeConnect Technology

The uGrow app connects to your uGrow Smart Baby Monitor. Curious? Download the app and find out more.

The uGrow Smart Baby Monitor automatically switches between networks and optimises
audio and video quality for a continuous connection to your baby, even when you are
using your phone for other things.

SafeConnect Technology
• Works across all networks for the most reliable connection

Secure and private connection
• Background listening with limited battery drain
• Up to 10 cameras supported, 3 simultaneous viewers
• Up to 720p HD day & night vision quality
• Simply use the QR code to set up and download the app
• Easily turn off all viewers for a private moment

Personalized to your needs
• Personalize your settings for monitoring the way you want
• Room humidity and temperature monitoring and recording
• A selection of lullabies for calm, contented sleep
• Multi-color nightlight to soothe your baby to sleep
• Reassuring TalkBack function
• Snapshot to capture your baby's special moments

By downloading the App you accept the Terms & Conditions:

iBaby Monitor - Video Audio Nanny Camera WiFi

iBaby Monitor - Video Audio Nanny Camera WiFi

Javier Campana

iBaby Monitor is the best baby monitor via WiFi.

Use two iOS devices to monitor your baby while he sleeps. (Coming soon for macOS).

Use an iOS device as a baby unit, place it in the baby's room and watch from another device in real time, parent unit, what happens while your baby sleeps.
Look in real time what your baby does through the video.
Control at distance relaxing music so your baby can sleep.
Get notified when your baby falls asleep, wakes or cries.
Speak to your baby at a distance.

Application made from parents to parents.
Much cheaper than any baby monitor in the market and with many more features.

You can use 2 or more devices: 1 iPhone and 1 iPad, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, 3 iPhones ... Use it however you want!

The application will increase in functionality, so we would love to hear your opinions. You can write us for any questions or suggestions to add to the application at [email protected] We will be happy to read you!

All the communication is done internally via WiFi. No image or sound travels through the internet. In fact our application works without internet connection only needs WiFi (or bluetooth connection depending on the device).

* Unsuitable use for iPhone 4s and iPads 2/3

BabyScream Monitor

BabyScream Monitor

Styria Hrvatska - medijski servisi

BabyScream Monitor is an app that helps you to hear your baby crying even when you are not around. Supported languages are English and Croatian.

If your baby is in another room, the baby monitor will detect if your baby is crying and alert you by a call. BabyScream monitor also avoid sending false alert by ignoring external noise (etc. traffic)

Alarm features
• Baby alarm with customizable sensitivity
• Test mode – test sensitivity of baby alarm before using
• Calls you when the baby is crying
• BabyScream alarm uses only specific frequencies, so it’s not reacting to traffic noise or similar sounds which can turn false alert

Additional features
• Fertile days – find out your chanche’s of conception
• Date of birth – find out when the baby is coming
• Anticipated gender of child – with the help of Chinese tool try to find out whether your child is a boy or girl. Keep in mind that purpose of this tool is only fun and that the chances that result is correct are 50:50
• Browser trough specialized portal

If you want to send us your feedback, or have you discover any bugs or problems please write to [email protected]


Mogućnosti alarma
• Mogućnost podešavanja osjetljivosti BabyScream monitora
• Test mode – testiranje osjetljivosti i podešavanje alarma prije upotrebe
• Uspostava poziva kad se alaram aktivira
• BabyScream alarm koristi samo specifične frekvencije pa se umanjuje mogućnost lažnog alarmiranja zbog okolne buke

Dodatne mogućnosti
• Plodni dani – provjerite kakve su vam šanse da zatrudnite
• Termin poroda – doznajte kada stiže beba
• Predviđanje spola djeteta – uz pomoć drevnog kineskog alata za predviđanje spola djeteta pokušajte saznati je li vaša beba dječak ili djevojčica! Unesite godine majke u trenutku začeća i mjesec u kojem je dijete začeto i dobit ćete odgovor. Imajte ipak na umu da je svrha ovog alata zabava i da su šanse da je rezultat točan 50:50.
• Čitajte specijalizirani portal

Šaljite nam feedback ili ako ste otkrili kakav problem u radu aplikacije na [email protected]