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Puppy Friend Finding Apps

Our society couldn't be more socially active and there are a million apps to help us as people reach out and meet someone new. So, why shouldn't our pups enjoy the same luxury? This group of apps is the perfect way to find your pup a pal and even set up a puppy play date. It could be a match made in heaven.

Meet My Dog - For Dog Owners


Pooch Technologies

PoochPal is a Friend Finder for Your Dog. Connect with and meet thousands of dogs – the pet social network all hounds are barking about.

Invite and connect your existing dog friends or start sniffing out new furry friends for dog meetups, dog parks and more “pawsome” stuff.

PoochPal – the “petwork” where dog owners are also invited.

PoochPal is Pawtastic.

***Easy to set up your dog’s profile in a few minutes***

Start off by creating a pawesome profile for your dog. Upload a few photos and tell us some basic information such as your dog’s breed, age and what makes it the cutest pet ever. You will need to add a few things about yourself too.

***Sniff Around and Find New PoochPals***

Our advanced technology will find nearby dogs. If you see a PoochPal you think your dog would love to meet and go out on a play date with, simply swipe to the right, indicating that your dog is interested. If that dog likes your dog as well (how can it not…), you will become PoochPals.

***Find Nearby Dog Parks & Dog Meetups***

Find off-leash dog parks near you and schedule your next dog meetup. PoochPal has a built-in dog park & dog beach locator, so you will always find a place your pooch will enjoy, wherever you are.

***Meet, Socialize, Wag Your Tail***

Take your best friend to a dog playdate, go to dog meetups you never knew existed and build a dog park community. With PoochPal, you can be certain that, no matter where you’re at, tails will be wagging.

So, whether you own a male or female dog, a puppy, Labrador, Golden Retriever, French Bulldog or Pug, install PoochPal today and watch it be forever grateful.

You can conveniently sign up for PoochPal using your email address, or connect with your Facebook account. We will never post anything on your behalf.
PoochPal – the Friend Finder for Your Dog, its pawtastic. Start sniffing today.