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Sleep : Better Sleep with CBT

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Sleep : Better Sleep with CBT
Sleep : Better Sleep with CBT

Sleep : Better Sleep with CBT

Learning 2 Sleep

A good night's sleep starts with taking back control of your day

A good night's sleep starts with taking back control of your day.

Sleep app gives you the tools and the know-how to sleep better at night. New habits will never form if they are not easy to access, this is why we have created an array of easy-to-use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) tools enabling you to sleep better and get rid...



Beneufit, Inc.

What is PoopMD+

What is PoopMD+?

PoopMD+ is a Johns Hopkins Children’s Center research study and free iPhone app that gather information about infant stool color, also called baby poop color. Data gathered about baby poop color will help advance pediatric liver disease research.

Why is baby poop color important?

Baby poop comes in a range of colors, and many of these colors are perfectly normal....




EPV is a ResearchKit app that allows patients to follow the growth of their baby’s placenta (the fetal organ that acts like the roots of a tree, bringing nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the developing fetus)

EPV is a ResearchKit app that allows patients to follow the growth of their baby’s placenta (the fetal organ that acts like the roots of a tree, bringing nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the developing fetus). By participating in this study pregnant women can help researchers to understand normal and abnormal placental growth. Once the patient is found...

MyHeart Counts
MyHeart Counts

MyHeart Counts

Stanford University

Apple’s new ResearchKit allows you to participate in important medical research studies easily through your iPhone

Apple’s new ResearchKit allows you to participate in important medical research studies easily through your iPhone. Stanford Medicine invites you to join the MyHeart Counts study to improve our understanding of heart health. The MyHeart Counts app is a personalized tool that can help you measure daily activity, fitness, and cardiovascular risk. It can also help you better understand your...

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Sonde One
Sonde One
Sonde One

Sonde One

Sonde Health


Sonde is reimagining how health condition tracking is done by sensing subtle vocal changes. By analyzing a few seconds of voice, Sonde extracts biomarkers to generate your health scores.


Enter your company-specific token to access Sonde One and unlock your company-provided health and wellness tool that uses your...

HAND in Hand Mobile Study
HAND in Hand Mobile Study
HAND in Hand Mobile Study

HAND in Hand Mobile Study

Digital Artefacts L.L.C.

HAND in Hand is powered by Apple's ResearchKit, allowing you to participate in a medical research study focused on HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND). HAND can occur when HIV enters the nervous system and adversely affects the health of the nerve cells. The BrainBaseline cognitive testing platform has teamed up...

Concussion Tracker
Concussion Tracker
Concussion Tracker

Concussion Tracker

NYU Langone Medical Center

NYU Langone Concussion Tracker

A Research Study

The purpose of this study is to explore whether using a mobile application that you download onto your iPhone can help you record symptoms as well as physical and cognitive function after the diagnosis of concussion.

The main objective of this exploratory study is to...



Report Support Pty Ltd

MedForm makes it easy to complete medical forms and questionnaires on your iPhone or iPad. It is designed to be used in the clinical setting or by patients outside the clinic where results are to be reviewed by your doctor / health professional.

MedForm will ask for the language you prefer...

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Neurons is a personalized tool to help you measure, monitor, and better manage the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis using the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite (MSFC).

Key features:
• Record and track activities:
- Timed 25-foot walk
- 9-hole peg test
• Receive notifications about activities
• Assess multiple sclerosis progress with automatic MSFC calculation
• Protect your health record with passcode

• You are at least 18 years of age
• You are able to read English
• You are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis


Disclaimer: we are not asking you to make any health decisions based on the use of the app. You should discuss health decisions directly with your healthcare provider.

Neurons is a new app powered by Apple’s ResearchKit.




American Sleep Apnea Association

Welcome to SleepHealth -- a Mobile App Study and Wellness tool from the American Sleep Apnea Association and powered by Apple’s ResearchKit and IBM Watson Health Cloud.

The SleepHealth study is being conducted by the American Sleep Apnea Association, a 25-year-old and patient-led non-profit and researchers at the University of California, San Diego. The app and study was designed and funded through the contributions of a small all-patient team of scientists, physicians, advocates and technology experts dedicated to health and data discovery in order to accelerate patient-centered and citizen research related to heart disease, hypertension, obesity, cancer, COPD, depression, Alzheimer's, motor-vehicle crashes and reduced quality of life among others.

The SleepHealth app is also a personalized tool that helps you gain greater insight into your sleep habits and sleep issues, learn how sleep is associated with other conditions you may have, and take charge of your health. You can keep track of your daily activity, sleep habits and daytime alertness in order better understand how your sleep impacts your health, safety, productivity and well-being. We want anyone that sleeps -- good or not -- to use the app and contribute to the study over years.

This study is unique in that it allows participants to be equal partners in both the monitoring of their symptoms and impact of sleep loss, as well as helping to direct future research through participating in our community forum at or engaging with the SleepHealth Blog right from your phone.
Join our research effort and start contributing today!

The app can help you measure your activity through the sensors in your iPhone, iPhone touch or the Apple Watch, or any wearable activity device linked to HealthKit. By helping you track your activity levels and giving you feedback, we aim to help people be more informed and empowered in improving their health.

Key Features:
Record and track your:
• Physical activity through your iPhone or a HealthKit-linked device
• Alertness level each day; using a scale and fun and easy test for reaction time
• Sleep habits and daytime alertness through morning and evening checks-ins to monitor how the quality
and quantity of your sleep affects your daily alertness, productivity, mood and health

Receive reminders and notifications about:
• Daily and nightly activities to improve your sleep habits and health
• Activities and surveys to complete during the 7-Day SleepHealth Activity Check Up every 3 months

Get educated:
• Learn about your activity level
• Learn about sleep health, sleep disorders and their effects on health, safety and productivity
• Receive frequent sleep and health tips and news through the SleepHealth Blog right in the app

To join the SleepHealth Mobile App Study, you need to:
• Be 18 or older

• Reside within the United States

• Be able to read and understand English

Get insights into your sleep health, get support in your journey, and give us your ideas and help direct future research. Install the app today and learn about your sleep, help research, and join the global effort to better understand sleep!

Autism & Beyond

Autism & Beyond

Duke Health

Autism & Beyond is a groundbreaking study of childhood mental health powered by Apple’s ResearchKit. The study aims to test new video technology that can analyze a child’s emotion and behavior. We hope that this technology may one day be used to screen young children in their homes for autism and mental health challenges, such as anxiety or tantrums. We want parents to have tools that will help them understand their children and find help if they need it.

The Study is now closed to new enrollment but you can still download the app to learn what it was about.



Johns Hopkins Digital

Johns Hopkins EpiWatch™: Track Your Epilepsy Seizures. Track Your Treatment.

EpiWatch is an Apple Watch app and research study for persons over 16 with epilepsy. Those with epilepsy can use EpiWatch to track their seizures, potential seizure triggers, medications, and share the data with Johns Hopkins researchers. The movement and heart rate data collected with EpiWatch’s continuous tracking functionality is actively being used in the creation of an app to detect seizures. EpiWatch currently enables participants to send a message to a family member or caregiver to let them know when they are experiencing a seizure. Participants can view information they enter into the
app at any time. A dashboard allows for summary data to be viewed with caregivers and physicians.

EpiWatch is not a seizure detector. You should not rely on EpiWatch to get help for your seizures. Learn more at

How the App and Study Work

EpiWatch enables you to take surveys, enter daily journals and participate in other activities so you and Hopkins researchers can better understand your entire experience—your seizures, treatments and medication side effects. The app also includes a medication journal, as well as an interactive game to measure a seizure’s impact on your responsiveness.

EpiWatch integrates with Health App to augment heart rate, accelerometer and gyroscope data collected by both iPhone and Apple Watch. Johns Hopkins researchers will use this data to measure changes in your heart rate and movement during a seizure.

You can participate if you are at least 16 years old, a U.S. resident and …
• Own an Apple Watch that is paired with iPhone running the latest version operating system.
• Have epilepsy and have had at least one seizure in the past year.
• Do not have any major learning or physical disabilities that would impair your ability to interact with the app while participating in this study. (NOTE: Family and caregivers may help you carry out some of the activities of the study.)
• Are able to open this app on Apple Watch at the beginning of at least some of your seizures. If you tend to experience auras, or warning sensations, you may be able to perform the tasks needed for this study. (NOTE: Family and caregivers may help you carry out some of the activities of the study.)

This app is designed for research and education purposes only. This app is not meant to provide medical advice, attention, or treatment.

Please note: SMS should not be depended upon by patients and their caregivers to get emergency help for seizures. Even though EpiWatch provides an SMS feature which can alert a caregiver using their mobile phone number, there are multiple factors that could impede, prevent or delay an SMS message alert from being received by the intended recipient.

Principal Investigator: Gregory Krauss, M.D. | IRB00077237

EpiWatch™ is a trademark of Johns Hopkins University