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Newtonium - Physics Simulator
Physics Phun

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Newtonium - Physics Simulator
Newtonium - Physics Simulator


Michael Schiefelbein

Newtonium is a powerful tool to solve physics problems

Newtonium is a powerful tool to solve physics problems. For those of you, who are having difficulties understanding and solving classical mechanics problems, this app is a huge help.It will calculate all forces exerted on a body and simulate the resulting motion in two dimensions, with three degrees of freedom.

Use objects, structures and tools to build your model. You can...

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Physics Phun
Physics Phun
Physics Phun

Physics Phun

Omar Al-Ejel

Physics Phun brings the phenomena of the real world to your pocket with motion, electricity, gas, and other physics simulations. Physics simulations help students better understand classroom content and feel more familiar with concepts that can be hard to grasp.

Physics Phun was inspired by the work of the University...

Physics at school
Physics at school
Physics at school

Physics at school

Vladimir Vascak

195 animations
Inclined Plane
Parallelogram of force
Vernier caliper
Pulley fixed and free
Pulley system
Lever principle
Conservation of energy
Maxwell's Pendulum
Friction and drag
Newton's Cradle
Archimedes' principle
Cartesian diver
Spirit level
Pascal's law
Bernoulli's principle
Gravitational field
Newton's law of universal gravitation
Geographic coordinate system
Standard gravity
Foucault pendulum
Super lift
Free fall
Newton's Tube
Horizontally Launched Projectile
Horizontally Launched Projectile 2
Vertically launched projectile
Projectile motion
Newton's Cannon
Geosynchronous satellite
Solar System
Lunar phase
Kepler's Laws
Mechanical vibrations and waves

Rube's Lab - Physics Puzzle
Rube's Lab - Physics Puzzle
Rube's Lab - Physics Puzzle

Rube's Lab - Physics Puzzle

Alexander Bouland

Rube's Lab is a physics puzzle game with an amazing interactive world.

Venture into the world where you`ll need to save Rube's Lab from the wiles of Dr. Evil using logic and imagination. Items, objects, mechanisms, chain reactions... Solve puzzles through available tools in limited timeframe. You can ask Rube for...

Fantastic Physics
Fantastic Physics
Fantastic Physics

Fantastic Physics

Mother Teresa Catholic High School

Fantastic Physics is a fun science app designed to explore the fantastic world of physics. Primarily aimed at high school students beginning to learn elementary physics, Fantastic Physics allows students to explore one of the most commonly explored physics experiments conducted in high school science classrooms: the pendulum. In Fantastic...